Sep 30, 2008

Feminine Design Packs for Your Blog!!

We stumbled upon a goodie pack of vector art that yall can use for your personal blogs or online boutiques!

6 sets of girls

For those who want a more mature design!

Sep 29, 2008

Revolution : Nail art without brushes!

Tired of going to nail saloons for a manicure and a nail art that costs you a bomb?
Now you can do your own nail art without a brush. All you need is a stamper, a scraper and a design plate!

Check out the videos below to satisfy your curiousity.

Hassle free manicure.. Want this?
Comment Yay in this post's comment box.
Won't cost you more than RM 50 for the whole set!

Sep 26, 2008

Keira Knightley bad Photoshop

  • While researching for our new post we came across something disturbing.
First of all, we all know that Keira Knightley is flat. We love her for who she is, regardless but some people are just so sick.

Look what they did below :

It is very obvious that they found a picture of a blondie (Keira was never blond. or had short bangs.)
They took this photo, rub off the face and paste Keira's on top.
Look at the overflooding breasts.
What a disgrace.

Halloween Looks : The YouTube Way!

  • Next week, we will be putting up some Halloween makeup looks the BlushBerry way but for those who couldn't wait to try, here are some looks and tutorials from YouTube!
  • Oh, since we will be shooting the Halloween looks soon yall can request for some looks that yall already have in mind and we can see what we can do about it!

  • Um.. no scary makeups here.. no skeletons or adbominations.. don't worry..

Peacock Eyes Tutorial.. You will need some black gemstones for this look.
This look centers around the eyes only. For bold looks that are more dramatic read on!

Panacea brings us the fairy eye look. You will need a black liquid eyeliner.
This look centers around the eyes in a wider space.. If this is not dramatic enough for you read on!

An even more dramatic fairy look. You will need lots of colourful gems for this look.
This looks centers around the eyes and up until the forehead.

This is a really beautiful look by Amy from AskMeMakeUp..
A mermaid look that encompasses your eyes up to your hairline. So beautiful!

This is a makeup that encompasses your whole face. It is a beautiful rendition of an butterful angel or fairy. You will need body makeup to get this look, lots of colours.. if you have expensive makeup, you might consider buying cheaper makeup to get this look.

This is a darker look that also covers the whole face. Medusa themed.. Don't worry.. nothing scary..

Next week we will show our very own Halloween looks!

Hairstyling Tutorials : PurseBuzz

  • Its been a while since we last featured any youtube artists.. it has even been longer since we last feature any hairstyling tutorials!
  • Today we show both of them at one go!

  • Introducing PurseBuzz from Youtube.. BlushBerry has already gotten the permission to put her videos here ages ago but we have been so busy getting all the cosmetic deals for you guys we totally forgotten about ALOT of things that we should be paying attention to. :(

  • Ok, lets go right into it shall we?

    Here is a ponytail pouffy look. The right way to do any ponytail.. If you think ponytails are how schoolgirls do it then you are mistaken!

    An Ayumi Hamasaki wavy curls resemblance..
    We love to show more hairstyling tutorials but right now, all our hair is short.. Anyone wanna donate their long hair for the greater good?
    Email us at

A really vintage look. Pair this with gloves and eat scones with butter while drinking english tea!

Another wavy hair tutorial!

A wedding or event hairdo tutorial. Now you can do it yourself at home instead of spending hundreds at the saloon!

Oh.. Check out PurseBuzz for more Hairstyling and Makeup Tutorials!

Promotions and Sales In Malaysia

  • We have been following this blog for quite some time now.. it is a great site where you can get all the warehouse sales and promotions + contests in Malaysia all in one click!
  • The reason why this blog is useful is because I dunno.. maybe it is just me... but all the warehouse sales in Malaysia are so elusive that we always almost find out about it when the warehouse is over. but thanks to PASIM, we can keep track of warehouse sales even BEFORE it happened!
  • Click here to go to PASIM!

Sep 25, 2008

Dictionary : Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics

  • We present this with an open mind. Harmful ingredients are everywhere.. in our water... in cosmetics..
  • Alcohol, talc(powder), petroleum and even fragrances are harmful but we all use them. There is no such thing as a PERFECTLY safe cosmetic or food or environment.
  • Anything used or consumed in excess are harmful to our health, that is why it is very important not to sleep with our makeup on. Once you can, you should straight away remove all makeup.

  • Because of this reason, harmful ingredients are not always illegal for the cosmetic industry. As a consumer and someone who uses makeup, it is important for us to know all the harmful ingredients.

  • What is harmful ingredients then?
  • Something that can harm our skin or health even when we do not use them frequently. The toxic content is so high that we should be staying away from them.

  • In this article we will have a rating. Safe Usage > Careful Usage > Dangerous Usage > Fatal Usage
  • Using these ratings.. determine yourself if you should stay away from the ingredients when you are shopping for cosmetics.
  • Safe Usage = Use with care, remove as soon as possible
  • Careful Usage = Use as little amount as possible and remove asap
  • Dangerous Usage = Stay away from this
  • Fatal Usage = Stay away and advise others to do the same.

    1. Mineral Oil, Petroleum (Suffocation)
  • WHAT? makeup removers(oil based), lip gloss/sticks/balms and lotions
  • HOW? It stops your skin from breathing.
  • FATALITY? Clogged pores to Cancer
  • RATING? Careful Usage

    2. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (Aging)
  • WHAT? Moisturizers, toners, cleansers, masks
  • HOW? Accelerate exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • FATALITY? Accelerated skin aging, skin cancer, increase sensitivity to sun.
  • RATING? Dangerous Usage

    3. Formaldehyde, Formalin (Irritation)
  • WHAT? Nail Polish, Shampoos, Soaps, Skin Creams
  • HOW? Absorbent irritating preservative
  • FATALITY? Allergic Reactions, Headaches, Astma
  • RATING? Fatal Usage (Banned in Japan and Sweden)

    4. Propylene Glycol (Irritation)
  • WHAT? Suntan Lotions, Lipsticks, etc
  • HOW? Prevent cosmetics from drying out.
  • FATALITY? Liver abnormalities, Kidney damage, skin and eye irritatns
  • RATING? Safe Usage

    5. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (um.. super dangerous)
  • WHAT? Bubble baths, toothpastes, shampoos, lotions
  • HOW? Thicken and creating bubbles + lather
  • FATALITY? can enter the brain, heart and liver and then IMPAIRING your immune system. Skin, allergic and eye irritations. Most dangerous when mixed with other chemicals.
  • RATING? Fatal Usage

    6. TALC (Powder)
  • WHAT? any powder based products
  • HOW? it does what any powder does.
  • FATALITY? Ovarian Cancer
  • RATING? Dangerous Usage ( Don't use on genital areas)

    7. Methyl Methacrylate (Nails problems)
  • WHAT? nail products, especially acrylic nails
  • HOW? Cheap production of acrylic and nail polishes.
  • FATALITY? Nail deformaties, fungal infections. Eye, skin and lung irritation. Liver, kidney, nervous system damage. Reproduction problems
  • RATING? Fatal Usage

    8. Titanium Dioxide (No pain, no gain)
  • WHAT? Sunblock, Pigments, Powders, Toothpastes, (anything that needs or promotes whitening)
  • HOW? Thickener, provide whiteness and opacity. Protects the skin from UV. Absorbs UV.
  • FATALITY? It absorbs UV, whitens our skin/teeth BUT when inhaled it can cause cancer. Corrode and dry skin.
  • RATING? Safe Usage

    9. Triclosan (Hormone disruption chemical)
  • WHAT? Soaps, deodorants, lotions, creams, cosmetics
  • HOW? Anti bacterial and antifungal agent.
  • FATALITY? it is a pesticide. Powerful hormone disruption chemical(one drop in a 300 Olympic sized swimming pool can pose enormous long term chronic health risks) It changes your genes and foster birth defects.
  • RATING? Fatal Usage

    Well, that's it.. there is of course much more.. but just remember never to use or eat anything in excess.

Make Up Looks : Pigment Set

  • Hey girls.. thank you to all of you who bought the pigment set!
  • As a token of appreciation, below are a few looks I did to inspire yall!!
  • It is still not too late for those who want to buy the pigment set.
  • Only going for RM 80. A whole pallete of eyeshadow, blusher and shimmer for grabs.

This is the colour codes for all the looks below.. Enjoy!!

Oh. In case any of you is wondering. The fake eyelashes I am wearing is from Inouvi.
Their eyelashes is soft and VERY natural.
I bought the one that comes with 4 short lashes.. They are not maximum length lashes, instead this lashes only encompass the 3rd half of your lash line.

Ocean's Wine..
A tropical look.. suitable for a sunny day stroll on the beach or outdoor shopping..
Pair this with colourful apparel or a hot bikini.

A subtle smokey eye make up that emphasizes the crease of your eyelid.
Not a heavy make up look.
Can be for day or night.. Just use more colours for the night out.
Its important to add some highlight shimmer in the middle to give your eyes a 3D look.
Pair this with metallic coloured clothings like bronze, silver or gold.

Putting too much. hehe. couldn't resist. I like it anyway..
Remember to go easy on the eyeliner if you try this. Heavy coloured lids should be emphasized with nice curly lashes.
Pair this look with a single coloured attire. (all black/all white) Try not to have many colours in your apparel or you will look like a paint pot instead of a treasure pot!

Gothic MakeUp.. for rainy and moody days..
Also for days when you have no time to spend on makeup.
Lid your eyes with eyeliner. Lots of them.
Go easy on your lips.. nude or light glossy lips is nice.
Pretty girls : Nice when paired with caps/beanies/hats with sports apparel
Gothics : What are you waiting for? Go for all black with white strips. The whole thang baby!!!

Looks good on fair people.. I am quite tanned.. can't really pull off this look.
try this if you are fair and bold.
Will make your eyes pop and snatch the attention away from your other prettier friends. ahem.
Looks good when paired with corporate clothings, Pointy skyscraper heels please!

A very soft and feminine look for the ladies..
Bring in your laces and transparent soft scarves!
Going to a wedding? Try this!
Don't wear this with colourful clothings.. Whites and beiges and neutrals looks nice with this.

For a cocktail pool party!
Pair this with slinky sexy outfits that shimmers and shines!
Glossy juicy lips please!
Lots of bronzes too... let your hair loose!

For the night over at your best girlfriend's house.
Can't get clothes to fit you? Wear garb with this makeup and you will still look good!
Old singlet? Oversized pjs? Torn jeans?
Its alright as long as you mesmerize those around you with these eyes!

MakeUp Phobia? Try the nude look.
Good for the famous and respected who does not want to have adventurous makeups.
Pair this with anything and still look classy.
Wear some accessories to replace the lack of colours in your look!
Remember to use lots of concealers and groom your brows.
Plain lips with lip balm together with chunky earrings should do it!

Thanks for reading!
Oh. Those interested in buying the pigment set.. clickies.
or straight email us at

Sep 23, 2008

Free MakeOver

  • Interested in getting a free makeover by Make Up Store's makeup artist?

Make Up Store is a cosmetic range imported from Sweden. It was created by a male model.
What impresses us about Make Up Store is that their products is medicinal, skin safe and their range of colours is very broad.
Their eyeshadow is DAMN pigmented. SUPERB.

Mika Liias.. The creator of Make Up Store
We love them so much.. remember our consolation prizes we sent out 2 copies of Make Up Store's Magazines to our winners?
Since then we have been in talks with Make Up Store.

And you know what the best thing is?
We managed to score a collaboration with Make Up Store for you girls!
This is just a start. This free makeover is just a start.

Anyway, more bout this makeover. This makeover is totally FREE. You do not have to buy their products. Everything is given and advised by their Top Make Up artist.

Wait. There's More!
They are even throwing in a Lip Spa and an Eye Treatment for the lucky winner.

Ok.. Now we know... you girls.. some of yall are shy to be photographed and have your photos posted here.
I know it is harsh for us to force you girls to have your photos posted here.

So. We have decided that we will still take photos.
we will not post ANY of your photos in BlushBerry until you give us your permission to do so. You may even choose to let us post your After photo only.

Good deal?
We just love you girls so much. Show us some love in return la. pls.

  • Interested in getting a free makeover by Make Up Store's makeup artist?

    Make Up Store is so nice that they are also giving away an eye care and lip spa for you during the makeover!

  • Drop us a comment about your thoughts on Make Up Store.

    Best comment wins!
    Remember to include your email!
    Contest ends 1st October!

Photoshop Quickie Part 4 : Plastic Surgery

  • The last 3 lessons we learnt about correcting contrasts and colour, erasing pimples and moles, and last week we learn how to get smooth skin..
  • This week we are going to teach you the greatest secret. If you feel that you are too fat, dream no more. No breasts? We can help you.
  • But.
  • But
  • Please. Do not OVERDO IT. Minor changes are ok.. but if you overdo it you can turn the whole table on yourself.

  • You see, a plastic surgery is controversial in real life.
  • Digitally, it is the SAME THING. So be prepared for consequences.

  • Next week, we will use the same tool to enhance your face. (Face , nose and eye lift) This week, we focus on the body.

    Ok lets start

This is Karolina Kurkova on the runway.
The only thing is.. she do not look so glamourous....
We are going to help her look better and give her a smoking body!

Using last week's lesson to create a smooth skin... I smoothed her body..
You can use this picture to start today's lesson..
Click on the picture and save it to use.

This is the result of today's lesson... we do not want her to look like a porn star.. so we are just going to give subtle changes to her body.
She will have bigger and firmer breasts.. Her straight body will now be curvy.
Compare the photo with the one above.

Start up Photoshop

Go to File>Open to open our file.

Choose the file that you want to open.

You will see this.

This is our magic tool. Liquify.
Using Liquify you can PUSH in your skin. PULL out.
EXPAND areas.
Go to filter>liquify to start.

Pick the first tool on the top left.
It is the forward warp tool.
It can push/pull ANYTHING.
Ok. Now that you have selected it.
Try and see what it can do.
Click on Restore All to undo to continue with our tutorial.
OK you see all the pink lines? You need to push all those parts in so that they look like the photo below.

Your brush size is important. Use [ to make it smaller and ] to make it bigger.
Naturally a bigger brush is better for this step.

This is how your screen looks like after you complete the step above. She have a smaller waist.
Slimmer thighs and arms.
Now you see that blob that sticks out on the right waist? I have circled it.
Adjust your brush size small enough to push it in.

Once you pushed it in, it will look like this.
Now we need to lift her breasts.
Enlarge your brush to fit her breasts and push her breasts up. SLOWLY.
Remember. Subtle change.

See. just a slight change. Now we move on to making her breasts bigger.

Click on the expand tool on the left sidebar.
Adjust the brush size to fit the breasts.
Click and Hold your mouse on the breasts.

There you go.. bigger breasts..
We have finished using Liquify..
Click OK to set everything in.
Remember to do all the finishing touches to her body before clicking OK.

Cleavage is made out of 2 components : big breasts and a DARK VALLEY in between.
Now the valley in between is very light. We want it to be darker.
Click on the Burn tool in the left sidebar.
It looks like a hand. If it looks like something else click and hold onto it, there should be 3 tools dropping down. Pick the Burn tool.

Darken the cleavage ever so slightly.
If you feel like you over did it, at your top toolbar.. there is an Opacity setting.
Set it lower before you burn.
Remember, if you did anything wrong just CTRL ALT Z.

There you go.. bigger boobs.
Slimmer thighs and waists.
slimmer hands too.

next week you will learn how to enlarge your eyes.. make your nose slimmer..
and many more.

Kimberly's Makeover

  • Our very first makeover done by our makeup guru, Vinn Pang!
Kimberly before the makeover

Kimberly after the makeover!
We applied foundation and concealer for Kimberly.
After that we seal all that in with loose powder.

Kimberly have big doe-like eyes..We enhanced that by making her crease more noticable using a monotonous neutral colour pallete

We finish up by curling up her lashes and coating them with mascara.
We apply a thin coat of nude lipliner on her lips before glossing them up.

Online Boutique : Milky Cottage

Milky Cottage
Milk is Good For You!

Last few posts, we talked about having style... and inserting your own personality into your online boutique.
We have found the perfect example for this!

All the clothes are digitally propped on a toothpick in front of a vintage polka dot background.
It gives a very vintage and feminine soft look to your clothes.

Following the theme of her blog : Milky Cottage focuses on promoting her clothes around food and table cloths..
We just adore her concept!

And. we also talked about cropping out faces. Instead of cropping out faces, you can hide you hide with caps/hats or your face with scarfs and that is what she did!
The important point in doing this is that you must do it with style or your audience will just feel uncomfortable looking at your photos.
And did it with style she did!

She can pose too!
We love her bold personality.