Sep 25, 2008

Dictionary : Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics

  • We present this with an open mind. Harmful ingredients are everywhere.. in our water... in cosmetics..
  • Alcohol, talc(powder), petroleum and even fragrances are harmful but we all use them. There is no such thing as a PERFECTLY safe cosmetic or food or environment.
  • Anything used or consumed in excess are harmful to our health, that is why it is very important not to sleep with our makeup on. Once you can, you should straight away remove all makeup.

  • Because of this reason, harmful ingredients are not always illegal for the cosmetic industry. As a consumer and someone who uses makeup, it is important for us to know all the harmful ingredients.

  • What is harmful ingredients then?
  • Something that can harm our skin or health even when we do not use them frequently. The toxic content is so high that we should be staying away from them.

  • In this article we will have a rating. Safe Usage > Careful Usage > Dangerous Usage > Fatal Usage
  • Using these ratings.. determine yourself if you should stay away from the ingredients when you are shopping for cosmetics.
  • Safe Usage = Use with care, remove as soon as possible
  • Careful Usage = Use as little amount as possible and remove asap
  • Dangerous Usage = Stay away from this
  • Fatal Usage = Stay away and advise others to do the same.

    1. Mineral Oil, Petroleum (Suffocation)
  • WHAT? makeup removers(oil based), lip gloss/sticks/balms and lotions
  • HOW? It stops your skin from breathing.
  • FATALITY? Clogged pores to Cancer
  • RATING? Careful Usage

    2. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (Aging)
  • WHAT? Moisturizers, toners, cleansers, masks
  • HOW? Accelerate exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • FATALITY? Accelerated skin aging, skin cancer, increase sensitivity to sun.
  • RATING? Dangerous Usage

    3. Formaldehyde, Formalin (Irritation)
  • WHAT? Nail Polish, Shampoos, Soaps, Skin Creams
  • HOW? Absorbent irritating preservative
  • FATALITY? Allergic Reactions, Headaches, Astma
  • RATING? Fatal Usage (Banned in Japan and Sweden)

    4. Propylene Glycol (Irritation)
  • WHAT? Suntan Lotions, Lipsticks, etc
  • HOW? Prevent cosmetics from drying out.
  • FATALITY? Liver abnormalities, Kidney damage, skin and eye irritatns
  • RATING? Safe Usage

    5. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (um.. super dangerous)
  • WHAT? Bubble baths, toothpastes, shampoos, lotions
  • HOW? Thicken and creating bubbles + lather
  • FATALITY? can enter the brain, heart and liver and then IMPAIRING your immune system. Skin, allergic and eye irritations. Most dangerous when mixed with other chemicals.
  • RATING? Fatal Usage

    6. TALC (Powder)
  • WHAT? any powder based products
  • HOW? it does what any powder does.
  • FATALITY? Ovarian Cancer
  • RATING? Dangerous Usage ( Don't use on genital areas)

    7. Methyl Methacrylate (Nails problems)
  • WHAT? nail products, especially acrylic nails
  • HOW? Cheap production of acrylic and nail polishes.
  • FATALITY? Nail deformaties, fungal infections. Eye, skin and lung irritation. Liver, kidney, nervous system damage. Reproduction problems
  • RATING? Fatal Usage

    8. Titanium Dioxide (No pain, no gain)
  • WHAT? Sunblock, Pigments, Powders, Toothpastes, (anything that needs or promotes whitening)
  • HOW? Thickener, provide whiteness and opacity. Protects the skin from UV. Absorbs UV.
  • FATALITY? It absorbs UV, whitens our skin/teeth BUT when inhaled it can cause cancer. Corrode and dry skin.
  • RATING? Safe Usage

    9. Triclosan (Hormone disruption chemical)
  • WHAT? Soaps, deodorants, lotions, creams, cosmetics
  • HOW? Anti bacterial and antifungal agent.
  • FATALITY? it is a pesticide. Powerful hormone disruption chemical(one drop in a 300 Olympic sized swimming pool can pose enormous long term chronic health risks) It changes your genes and foster birth defects.
  • RATING? Fatal Usage

    Well, that's it.. there is of course much more.. but just remember never to use or eat anything in excess.