May 20, 2009

Blogs Revamped!

Edit: Candeelicious, Dr. Pizzicato, So Haute7
oh god blushberry is in a mess.. i am so ashamed.. the blogs i designed are far more pleasing than my own blog!
i am gonna upgrade this mess to .com soon.. n reorganize everything...
its such an eyesore now.

anyway, i heard from a friend who read fashion truth that a reviewer.. i forgot who is being flamed for using her ad earnings on her boyfriend... it got me really furious...
cuz what we do with our earnings is none of the customer's business.. however harsh that may sound... then I thought... omg.. if i did not do design jobs.. then i'll be in the same position.. using my earnings for personal perusals..but because i have other jobs from 3d... design.. websites..blogs.. all the earnings from blushberry can be invested back into blushberry for the sake of my readers whether izzit for freebies or packagings or events and such..
in case yall dunno.. i really am doing this full time now..

I am still working on website designs now... busy busy..
fyi, for those who took the cheaper alternative can now upgrade their blog design to the complete one by topping up RM 250!

anyway.. updates.. before picture...
She has a shop in PJ.. you should visit her boutique!

This is how her blog looks after the revamp!

This is after the revamp.. I forgot to screenshot the before look.. haha
if you go to her blog.. it might look different... cuz she took the cheaper alternative..
I understand if customers are on a budget constraint and wanna take the cheaper alternative.. but upgrading is always possible at anytime! after the revamp!
She took the cheaper alternative as well.. so her blog may look a lil different!

Edit:Zarfa Wardrobe and LaBelle Closet

It's been some time since I update this section. I done Zarfa Wardrobe about 2 months ago but I did not upload it cuz I was doing another job that time that ended quite badly.

Everyone is a fan of Oh.Popsicle's design which is the victorian feminine style and frankly, I am sick of doing that style. When the passion is gone, the will to work goes too. But it was alright cuz I always work based on references and clients are usually very pleased with the results other than timeline issues.

The thing is, I had a customer at that point of time who wanted that style and also wanted to experiment alot. 500 bucks for blog design is dirt cheap, let's be honest. it's not even marketable for ONE illustration. So when someone asked for a FEW blog designs experiments.. + colour test + banner tests + layout tests.

I flipped.

In the end she wanted me to plagiarise the reference EXACTLY.
It was a very unfortunate moment for me, cuz I have to reject her offer eventhough the customer paid half of the price already. I refunded her of course.

After that I begin targetting websites instead of blog designs.. cuz I just needed a big break from the oh.popsicles style.

I am back now!
Zarfa Wardrobe Before
She is a very easy person to work with.. cuz she knew exactly what she wanted. She even have references for her logo. Her job was a fly job. Finished within 1 week. I love the outcome as well!

This is her blog after the revamp. You can also check out her blog at
Eventhough it was still Oh.popsicles style I was ok with it.. cuz the colour scheme is not pink.
Yes. Everybody wants pink.
Don't ask me why.

After that I was very busy with the Fashion Show and did not have time to do blogs or website.
I meet Chloe from LaBelle in one of my secret getaways. She is very cool.. (and sick at that time too) but she contacted me to do her blog and check this out, she even introduced a new style to me!

I was overjoyed at the prospect of doing a new style, eventhough I have to illustrate every single icon in her blog I did not mind cuz the passion came back!

This is Labelle closet after the revamp.
It was the best job I have worked on.. the inspiration and the workflow was pure pleasure. finished the job in 3 days.
Check it out at

I do not know for sure if I do the customer's job that I rejected now, the job will turn out alright... I am also still at a loss wondering if I am at fault cuz I have NEVER ever rejected a customer before.

Anyway, website + namecard designs are up!
inquiries :

Namecard designs include printing and you can even emboss certain areas!




DESIGNRM 720RM 3700 RM 500 / RM 200
CONTENT (per page)+RM 50+RM 220-


100 PCSRM 70

200 PCSRM 100

300 PCSRM 120

500 PCSRM 150




  1. Charges are accumulative with the design price as the base charge.
  2. Sub-pages are considered one page and will be charged as one page. Example : About Us>Contact Us, Company Profile, Director’s Profile.
  3. Namecard prices include printing, cutting and embossing(spot UV)
  4. Maintanence of website(uploading, editing and change of templates) are in a 20 pages package. You can renew the package when u used up the 20 pages.
  5. I will start the job once you have paid half of the total agreed payment.
  6. The website will be uploaded once the other half of the payment is paid.
  7. For more inquiries, please email

Edit:Fancy Fans, An Old Flame and Chomel 27

This is Chomel 27 before the revamp!

I took damn long to do the header.. cuz I did it in 3d with maya and completed it in Photoshop.
I love it, hence the watermark. hehe.

This was originally the rm 500 design..
but Miss Chomel27 opted for the RM 200 design instead which excludes layout design.

So in the end, this was the result.
This will roughly give you an idea of what you will be getting if you are taking the RM 200 offer instead.

This is a brand new blog, done from scratch.. fancy fans.
She has a boutique in Bangsar, which is already open. I designed her namecard and logo signboard as well.
Will post the photos up when I get them!!
This is the namecard design

And the logo signboard design. Imagine it in red. hehe

I did the header for An Old Flame too..I didn't wanna put this up until Cynthia had uploaded it.

Jolly Dolly Revamped

Jolly Dolly
Before the Revamp
What Miss Jolly wants is a template with dolls, fun and cute online boutique!
I stumbled upon Charuca's characters which is really cute and I built a template based on the characters!
After the revamp!
Plenty of Jolly Dolls!!!
Hope you like it!
Bunny Noo Revamped
BunnyNoo before the revamp
Miss Bunny wants something elegant and sophisticated yet feminine.
Zafre's design skills is amazing, I love his designs.
So a zafre inspired design :

Bunny Noo after the revamp!

Cat in a Bowl revamped

Before the revamp
What Miss Meow Miao wants :
"For the design, maybe something classy but not too serious, not too cutesy either. It'll be great if it can relate a lil to our blogshop name & of course fashion, i have no idea how though :p"

lol..I hope I meet up with your standards!

After the revamp!
little paw icons everywhere.. hehe..
redesigned her logo as well..i especially love the cat..

Hope yall like it... head on to Cat in a Bowl!

Oh, Popsicles revamped
Hey girls.. recently we were commissioned to help Miss Popsicles to revamp her blog for her online boutique!

Here are the results!

We redesigned her logo to a more vintage and feminine look..

This is the layout for the blog design! Out of all the concepts we pitched to her, Miss Popsicles love the Victorian Design the most!
So we present to you Oh, Popsicles ala Victorian Popsicle style.
It was fun working on the project!!

Hope yall like it.
To view Oh, Popsicles.. go to

Promotion is OVER for blog designs!
Normal price is back!
RM 500 only!!
RM 450 if you allow us to put our banner in your blog!
Cheaper alternatives up to RM 200 available upon request!