Feb 26, 2009

Cool Eye Make Up!

This is a look where you can have any colour and it still works! I invented it.. (as if its as massive like Einstein inventing e=mc2)
It is really fast and easy and it looks cool too! (hence the title)
You just need :
1. light colour -for browbone
2. 2 shades (one light, one darker) of colour as the base
3. one other strong colour like blue, red, green, pink, orange, purple, black, white.. etc etc

For tools you need :
1. eyeliner, mascara
2. angled brush
3. eye make up brush (fingers/tips work as well)

First you have your brow bone.. Apply the light colour (usually whites or light beiges) onto your brow bone.

Then use the lighter shade of your base colour all over your lids. I am using gold here.

Then blend in the darker colour on the outer corner, I used bronze.

Then, using your angled brush (mine is just a paintbrush cut into the shape of an angled brush.. cheapskate me. I think I blog too often in ()), take the strong colour and line your lash lines like you are doing your eyeliner.

After that, use your black eyeliner and line only the outer half of your lash lines top and bottom.

Mascara and lashes then you are ready to go!
Simple isn't it?
You will get the her-eyes-is-gold-but-how-come-i-see-blue effect everytime you open and close your eyes!

Heh. Now proclaim me the owner of my invention.
*ridiculously proud*
(I shall stop blogging using weird punctuations)

Feb 23, 2009

Double Eyelid White Eyeshadow Anyone?

I still remember this look was the in thing when I was young. I first saw it in magazines then in movies. I remembered it until now. Basically the eyeshadow colour that they use is white, I tried doing it when I was young and it sucked big time I looked really really weird.

The reason is when you use white as your eyeshadow it kinda makes your lids looks protruded instead of a normal lids with the colour white. I dunno if I am making any sense but now that I am smarter, older with more wrinkles and dead brain cells I figured out a way to make this makeup work.

This technique is quite advanced, you need good blending skills and an angled brush to do it.

First you have your brows, if you have the 88 pigment pallete you bought from me you can use shade 87 with an angled brush to do your brows.

Then the brow bone is done using shade 1.

After that I used a silver colour which is Shade 11 and 22 together on my crease WITHOUT blending upwards. You can see the harsh line between the colours and my skin above.

After that, I used my white eyeliner and line over my crease on top of the silver colour. I did my lower inner corner of my lash line too! This was the effect I got when I was young, it looks kinda weird doesn't it.

After that I used shade 44 which is something like a brown silverish colour right above the silver. I blend it up towards my brow bone and I STAY AWAY from my white and silver areas. Try not to brush over the previous areas.

Next I used an angled brush and drew Shade 83 on my crease line ( you can go higher or lower, its up to you but basically when you open your eyes you should not be able to see the line at all, just a darker and deeper crease line) Its dark navy blue by the way.

After that I used Shade 72 to blend from the blue line upwards carefully. Blend really well here until you get the effect like above when you open your eyes.

Then I line my eyes using black eye liner. The line has to be as thin as possible so that it doesn't cover the white areas. 80% of your crease should be white and the other 20% is your black eyeliner.

Due to the heavy usage of white on the eyes, you have to balance it on your cheeks by highlighting the area above your cheek bones with Shade 1 (white/light beige). Then you can blush your cheek areas.

It looks like this with mascara and fake lashes on.

For the lips, frosty pink or any other colour that suits the colour that you use on your eyes.

The best thing bout this makeup is even though sometimes when you open your eyes real big and your crease disappears, this make up still keeps your double eyelid. Like in the photo above, you can still tell I have double eyelids.
For single eyelid ladies you can also do this but your crease line have to be imaginary. Then you will get a double eyelid effect too!

Sometimes when you get your colours wrong, your eyelid crease disappears under certain situations where you look down/ open your eyes too big. This makeup technique shows off your double eyelids nice and good!!
You can always replace any of the colours I use.. as long as you have a really light colour on your crease.

Feb 21, 2009

Quick Eyeliner Tips

Finally I get to blog!!!
I am currently handling 3 blog/website design.. PLUS my CF card reader refuses to work with my Mac. All the photos we shot were taken hostage by my card reader. I negotiated for days and 'it' remains stubborn.

Thank god it work now. ish.
Anyway, for those who are still unsure about the pigment palletes I have upgraded the packaging to bubble wrap and so far, no complaints. :D

Anyway, today I will share some eyeliner tips that you can use with any eyeshadow colour base. This is usually what I do after I have applied the colours on my lids.

The result will be something like this sans eye make up.
By the way, I just bought a cool eyeliner!!! All my eyeliners are either :
a. difficult to apply
b. too thick/thin
3. gives my eye a stinging feeling once applied.

This one is the best!! I shall blog bout it one day.
one day...

Actually I have some very neutral make up on..

The first step is to use a PENCIL eyeliner on the wet wet lower lash line (see above).
Just shade on the line, you won't go blind. Don't go onto your skin ya..
This trick makes your lower lashes fuller. ahem. i know they don't look nothing like full now but trust me.

After that, use some white eyeliner or glitter eyeliner on the inner corner of your eye like so.
This step wakes ur eyes up, it takes away the sleepy look from your face.

Then use your liquid liner to do your upper lash liner and the outer corner of your lower lash line. Note that it ends right before it touches the white eyeliner.

1. You have to draw the thickness line based on the depth of your crease
Pardon my drawing..
If you have a shallow crease (like me) your line have to be as thin as possible and gradually getting thicker towards the outer corner. You know you got it wrong when its as thick as your double eyelid crease. Then you will look as if you do not have a double eyelid, unless that is the look you are going for.

If you have a deep crease (caucasians/malays/indians) your line can be thicker even if it shades your whole eye lid, you won't look weird.

If you do not have double eyelids, you have to go really thick to widen your eyes.
You definitely need a good mascara, lash curler and fake lashes too cuz your lashes tend to droop/hide beneath your hidden lids.

2. You have to draw the shape of the line based on the shape of your eyes.
If you have doe eyes(like me) you can do it like this. A little bit of slanting up so that your eyes doesn't seem to be drooping down. The lower lash line could be all the way or halfway like in the figure. It doesn't really matter if you draw on the tear duct or the skin part.
Well if you love the way your eyes look, you can always follow the shape to emphasize them more. Same applies to all examples below.

For eyes slanting upwards, you have to line only the middle part of your lash line. No slanting up. You can thicken the line in the middle. For the lower lash line, just line the middle part.

For really round eyes. I apologize for the shock in the drawing, haha.. Anyway you need to line it thicker at the beginner and at the end. Remember to slant it up. Keep the middle part thin. For the lower lash, you have to line the inner wet part of the lash line to keep the shape of your eyes closer together. Line it all the way through.

For droopy eyes, you definitely need to slant up the ends drastically. Line only one third of the outer corner of your lower lash line.

After that, all that is left is the mascara and fake lashes!

Hope it helps!

Feb 18, 2009


hey girls.. post will be abit late this week cuz i m busy with blog design...
probably tomorrow or friday.. cheers.

much love

Feb 12, 2009

Valentines : The Look, The Dinner and The Gift

Love is in the air!!! Valentine's Day is coming!!
Are you celebrating with your guy or are you gonna have a girls night out?

Whatever issit, you need a great look for the big day!!

THE LOOK ________________________
On Valentine's Day, you are often worried. You dunno what clothes to wear, how much make up you should put on, what shoes to wear etc etc.

Why? because of 2 very big reasons :
1. You want to please your guy.
2. You are 150% sure that the restaurant you go to has alot of hot chicks who obviously look better than you do and you want your guy's eyes to be glued on to you, not them.

You don't wanna look overdone, or under-dressed but how would you know??
That's where BlushBerry can help you out!!

The best tip for your makeup is to refer to wedding photography. I am not talking bout the wedding dinner photos but the studio shot ones. If you notice the makeup is very neutral, highlighting the bride's natural beauty and nothing more. This is the kind of look that you want to go for on your Valentine's Day!

1. Apply foundation onto your face using a sponge.
2. Apply concealer over your eyelids, eyebags, nose area, and camouflage your spots and pimples.
3. Dust on loose powder all over your face except for your eyelids.
4. Using an angled brush, take a brown shade of pigment (Shade 87 from the Pigment Pallete). Shade your brows with the brush. I chose brush instead of the eyebrow pencil cuz the results is softer and more natural when you use the brush.

5. Dust Shade 1 over your browbone, which is the area right below your brows. You can also use any bright pale yellow pigment.

6. Use Shade 40 and brush all over your eyelid blending right up to the white pigment you applied on your brow bone earlier. You can also use any pale pink colour.

7.After that use Lilac Purple coloured pigment or shade 39 on the outer half of the eyelid. Blend well.

8. Lastly, using the tip of the brush.. get some dark marine blue colour or shade 83 and lightly go over the top and bottom lashline for the outer half of your eye like above.

9. Using your black pencil eyeliner, (pencil, not liquid liner so that it is softer and more natural) line your lashline. Get your line as thin as possible by shading right on top of your lashes.

10.Using shade to, you can also use any pale pink blusher, blush your cheeks up to a soft pink glow.

11. Glam up your lashes with mascara.

12. And your lips with pale pink lip gloss or lip balm if he doesn't like gloss on you.

You can wear clothes with any colour except for black with this makeup. If you are wearing black, substitute the pink and lilac purple with browns.

And as for your hair, don't overstyle them or they will be too stiff to touch. :p

The reason why no false lashes were used is to give your eyes maximum comfort through out ur outing. The last thing you want is your lashes half falling out through out dinner.

Remember to smile and be yourself!

THE DINNER_______________________

If you are thinking to go to Victoria Station, San Francisco Steakhouse, The Ship or Chillis or TGIF.. think again.
The last time I went to any of those places during Valentines... it was cramped with people, the service and the food was bad and the worst thing of all.. the menus are reduced to a 2 paged set dinners which you do not want to eat on this special day.

It was fun looking at those couples when I was there. Half of them were blaming each other for the bad choice of restaurant. Great way to parade your love.
If you are caught in the same situation : just smile...

It's time to be more creative when it comes to choosing and booking restaurant tables! Bangsar has alot of private restaurants that are great.

If both of you are looking for Japanese food, Sushi King is a no-no.. the quality is really bad, so is Sakae Sushi. Sakae Sushi here is different from Sakae Sushi in Singapore!
I personally like Sushi Zanmai in Gardens, Mid Valley. They have Toro (tuna belly) and I love their cod roe dishes.

If you want something special and you haven't tried Kobe Beef before, you can try Angus Steakhouse at Pavilion (if you got the cash). It's amazing... nothing to shout about but if you haven't try Kobe or Wahyu Beef before, you will have a memorable experience.

If you are looking for juicy steaks, forget Victoria, Ship and San Francisco. You can try Roadhouse Grill or Outback Steakhouse. Roadhouse Grill is in Ampang, it is a cowboy themed restaurant. You can actually eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor!!! The portions used to be big but they made it smaller for the sake of our tiny Asian stomachs. The theme is nice but the steaks are nothing great to shout about.

Outback Steakhouse has nice juicy steaks but the price tab will drain the weight off your wallet immediately. If you can afford it, why not? Australian imported beef.. yum.yum...There is one in BB park.

But for fine dining, I have only one choice. This is the typical western fine dining restaurant.. where you can spend hours eating your 5 course dinner with wine and even FOIE GRAS!!!!

Vincenzo is located at One Bangsar.. you know the row of bungalow restaurants. Remember to book though, tables are rarely available upon first visit.
Their menu doesn't have foie gras in it, but the secret is to ask the waiter if there is any available for that day itself. Usually there is, the foie gras is priced at rm 40 per plate. It is scrumptious.delicious.fabulous.
Try it!!

They have cocktails and other liquers as well, so make sure you know what you want.

THE GIFT_________________________

The present that you get for your guy shows a few things about you :
1. How much you love him.
2. How much you understand his wants and needs.
3. How much you are willing to spend for his few-seconded-happiness.


Seriously, the first thing is to find out what kinda guy is he. Below are your solutions if you still haven't gotten anything for your guy.
Get him an Ipod Shuffle if he doesn't have one already. Its only priced at RM 189... affordable right.. and you can slot in all your fave songs or his fave songs beforehand.
Or if he likes Rihanna/ Jason Mraz.. what are you waiting for.. get him the concert tickets!

WARNING! : He will love your present but he will spend less time with you.
If he loves shooting pc games, get him any Logitech Gaming Mouse that is priced over RM 130. He will go crazy.
But if he has a ps3 or Wii.. just get him his favourite ORIGINAL game together with the accesory. For example shooting game + gun, exercise game + fitness pad...etc..etc
For NDS and PSP owners, you can download a collection of games you think he will like and burn them into a dvd for him!!

WARNING! : He will love your present but he will spend less time with you.
For manga and anime addicted guys, get him his favourite action figures or his favourite manga Artbook. If you have the cash, get him the whole manga series from Kinokuniya or anime series (original).

Get him a new pair of shoes or accesories/jerseys of his favourite team (football or whatever). IF you are daring get him a dvd of his fave team playing but he will be watching them all night long.

Duh. Complete sets of books/movies pls. Oh and limited edition pls. Thank you very much.

There is 2 things you can do.
Make a voucher.
Something like this..
Voucher A - Breakfast in Bed
Voucher B - *something kinky*
Voucher C - Claim 10 free kisses in public
Voucher D - Dinner and Movie

So your guy can use one voucher per day and you have to perform the act on the voucher for that day.. so its time to offer him something daring and exciting!!! Cool ya?

The 2nd thing is to show up and ask him to pack his bags cuz yall are going to Phuket.
for example.

Hehe.. hope I helped out.. Cheers..
(I am boycotting Valentine's, anyone on my side?)