Aug 31, 2008

Give yourself a makeover without any cosmetics!

Have you ever wanna try on every MAC, Loreal, Stila lipstick or eyeshadow shade but find yourself too broke to even afford a lip balm??

Have you ever bought make up but end up regretting the colour or the shade that comes up?

Then you are among us!!

Now you can try on any cosmetics or make up at the click of your mouse!
You can give yourself a makeover or try cosmetics on before going to the mall to purchase them!

Oh .. its free by the way..

I did an experiment with this secret (which I am gonna tell you soon.. hehe). i took a photo of myself sans make up with an idiotic grin.. I looked really horrible.. and the transformation is amazing!

Here are the stuff you get to do..
1. apply foundation
2. apply concealer

3. apply lipstick, lipliner and gloss
4. apply eyeshadow
5. thin your eyebrows ( they can't fill in ur brows unfortunately)

6. wear coloured contacts (YES!!!!!)
7. change your hairstyle
8. mascara and fake lashes
9. blusher


here are some more before and after photos before I tell you all about the free tool. Free. i swear. no scam.

and here are one of the many many cosmetics they have for you to try on.

Wanna give yourself a makeover? Follow the easy steps at their website!..
Go to to completely transformed yourself

WARNING : Addiction probability is very high!

Send us your makeover photos!!

Make up Tutorial : Smoky Eyes with Nude Lips

"Make up tutorial Video at the end of this post"

  • Smoky eye make up are the most basic type of eye make up as every girl out there is bound to try it on quite often in her life.
  • It differs slightly from Gothic Make up, it is a more subtle and elegant technique compared to the dramatic and bold Gothic Make up.
  • Smoky eyes can really draw attention to yourself, especially if you are in a photo among your friends. Those that look at the photos will be drawn straight to you!
  • It is definitely not for the faint hearted.. but of course, you can tone it down to make it suit yourself more.

  • Here are some photos of really nice smoky eyes :

  • It is not that hard to achieve their look. You just need 3 shades of any colour from light to a dark colour(close to black) and the finishing look is the touch of a black liquid eyeliner.
  • You MUST remember to go easy on your lower lid, or it will be too much resulting in a gothic look or worse, a punching bag look!

  • See how easy it is to slip into the gothic look just by overdoing the lower lid?
  • So, remember if you are attempting this look, only apply eyeliner on the lower lid + a weeeeeee bit of the darkest shade at the corner.

  • One thing fun about smoky eyes is that you can define your eyes into interesting shapes.
    You can attempt the cat eye look. or the doe eye look to make your eyes look bigger. or you can do a minimal smoky eye look by just using 3 shades of eyeliner, instead of eyeshadow.

    What about nude lips?
  • If you look at the photos above, the gothic looks are bold and dramatic. Smoky eyes + Dark lips. Wow.
    The smoky eyes one however, creates a balance of focus on the face. Is the focus on your eyes or your lips now? or is it on the entire face?
  • It is one of the make up rules to never draw attention to more than one feature of your face.
  • Therefore, using a nude coloured lipstick to compliment your smoky eyes can really draw attention to your eyes while keeping everything neat and well groomed.

  • Nude lips involves two steps, if you just apply the lipstick you may find that your lips are not properly defined and you look as if there is a blank space replacing your mouth!
  • So you need a nude lipliner, nude lipstick and also a gloss to pull off the look.
  • You start with the nude lipliner, making sure your lips are well defined. Then you fill in with the lipstick and lastly, the gloss to make sure your lips are not one. flat. colour.

The easy steps to achieve this look is in this video below.

Definitely a blushberry to try!
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BlushBerry is Launched!

This blog is officially launched at 3.49 am Malaysian time!!

Hi everybody!

We warmly welcome you to BlushBerry, your daily dose of fashion tips, cosmetics and make up reviews, make up tutorials, shoes and handbags, hairstyling tutorials, online boutiques and most importantly, our monthly freebie!

But wait! Theres more!

Here is what you get just by reading our blog!

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bringing you your daily dose of blushberries!

coming soon : How to Pose like a Model , Part 1 : Close Ups
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Launching FREEBIE :The New Beauty Secrets!


The post you guys have been waiting for!!
BlushBerry is proud to present to you

Laura Mercier
The New Beauty Secrets
The Ultimate Guide to a Flawless Face

We are so nice that we are giving away this book for free!!!

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Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy..

This is a great book by Laura Mercier..The whole book has a total of 230 pages of amazing photography and make up tips! Here are some of the contents in this book :
1. The new beauty rules
2. Brushes and beauty tools
3. your guide to good skin
4. the flawless face
5. cheek to cheek
6. Lip Service

7. Bright eyes
8. Groomed and Gorgeous

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4. BlushBerry reserves the right to change the winner if the winner does not reply to BlushBerry's response after 1 week.
5. Shipping cost is free.


Online Boutique : Js Fashion

Clothes imported right from Taiwan!

  • After surfing in both the english and chinese community forums, I have found us a treasure!!
  • Clothes imported right from Taiwan, in an unimaginable quality and price too!!
  • Almost all the clothes are below RM30/USD 15
  • If you are interested go to this page (in chinese language) or a friendlier photo gallery
  • Email or msn Elsa at to buy! Remember to quote BlushBerry ( we do not get commissions from the transactions, it just pleases us to know that we helped a business grow!)
  • ps. I, myself have ordered 10 pieces already.. hehe.. can't wait for them to arrive!
Here are some of the clothes from the catalogue!

Pretty aren't they? They really do bring out the feminine side in you.. and they are OH SO DIRT CHEAP!!

Make up Tutorials : XSparkage

  • Blushberry presents to you Leesha, a self taught make up artist from Youtube that we absolutely adore!

  • Her youtube Make up tutorials absolutely stands out among the others because of her playful and confident personality. We can never get bored of her! Seriously..

  • Other than making make up tutorials she makes bows too, see the hair bow in the picture? You can check out her hair bows at Disco Dollies Bows!

  • Needless to say, her youtube videos are a phenomenal success! She is one of the Most Subscribed, Most Viewed and has over 25000 subscribers!

  • We love her tropical make up looks that is both colourful and creative. She is also very friendly as well when we requested for her permission to do a feature on her..

  • Her make up tutorials mostly focuses on the whole look of the face.. she have a few lip tutorials as well, i remembered the red lipstick one very well myself.

Here are some of her best tutorials!

You can check out all the looks that she have done so far in this video

and her perfect red lips tutorial

we also love her creative ways of making horoscope inspired make up.. this is sagitarius

and disney characters inspired make up as well! This is Snow White..

we personally love her tropical make up tutorials!

You can check out her infamous videos at her youtube channel or her website as well!

Definitely a blushberry to keep in mind!

Daily Hot Babe : Jennifer Chung

  • Who is she? Jennifer Chung is our favourite up and coming singer. Have you checked out her Youtube videos? She is AMAZING.

  • More about Jennifer : Jennifer has performed at numerous talent shows, weddings, rallies, basketball games, tournaments, and has played leading roles in musicals such as Lucky Stiff, The Fantasticks, and The Wiz. By her senior year of high school she was Co-Band President as well as Spring ASB President.

  • You Tube Response : She has over 30 000 subscribers and a cool 3 million views, she is also one of the Most Subscribed Music Artists in Youtube!

  • Why we love her : To sing well, you need a good voice, a good mic, a good recording studio and a good song. Jennifer wowed us all with just a. good. voice. alone.

  • Watch some of her best videos!

Reflection, Christina Aguilera

Her 4 million views video, No one by Alica Keys

We personally love.. her rendition of Part of the World..

and also Take a Bow by Rihanna,

Support her!! View all her videos at Youtube, her website and her blog.

Aug 29, 2008

Book : The Time Traveler's Wife

We present to you the BEST romance book of eternity.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Surely you must have heard of it!!??

First of all, I am not a fan of romance books..
but this book blows my mind away.. and I know that you will love it!

Let us summarize it for you... this man, he had a disease that causes himself to teleport to another time unwillingly, without warning each time. So sometimes he is 28 years old in the year where he is just 5 years old.
and he fell in love. only that the whole love story is reversed, or mixed up.

The girl met him when she is 5 and he is 40. He tells her that in the future she will be his wife. and thus the whole story is reversed, and told beautifully by Audrey.

The book starts and have us confused. (We are being honest) but once we grasp its concept in like 20 pages, we can't stop reading. The characters are so realistic and down to earth that anyone can relate to them. Isn't it every girl's dream to have an extra special relationship, albeit with a superhero or with a genius or in this case: a time traveller?

If you don't believe us, just google it.. look at all the rave reviews about this book!

We are so happy that New Line Cinema has bought the rights to this movie.. it will star Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams!! We can't wait!!! Pray, pray pray that the adaptation of this movie is gonna be nothing short of amazing... *prays*

Try this book, you will fall deeply in love with both the characters as we did. It is so touching, ... we are sorry.. but.. this book beat Nicolas Spark's books anytime of the day. Seriously. Read this book.

Get it here!

Momiji Dolls

This is so cute.. we couldn't resist posting them up!!!

What are they??
They are collectable friendship dolls with their own characteristics and likes/dislikes
What we really really love about them is that we can slot SECRET messages inside them to give to our friends!! OH SO CUTE!

We feel like losing our sanity and bribing you guys to get one for us. ... but. ahem. we can't.
Maybe we should make like a blushberry edition.... wouldn't that be cool!!!

anyway, you can buy momiji dolls by clicking the link below.

Online Boutique : Shopaholics Unite!

peddlers of fine, irresistible & unbelievably affordable clothing

Shopaholics Unite! is is one of the pioneers in the online boutique business. They are based in Malaysia and they have fare well so far in the industry.

Their choice of clothes are very retro. Stripes and bold colours are their signature. Their choices range from shoes, accessories to clothing of every nature!

Their marketing is not only restricted to online customers but they hold shopaholics parties now and then. Alot of bloggers in Malaysia love Shopaholics Unite cuz it's new, fun and snappy!

We personally love Shops.U because they are friendly when dealing with customers and their innovative way of marketing have impressed us as well! Oh, and we love love love the way they describe their clothes too!

Here are some of their clothes!

Try your hand at online shopping in Shopaholics Unite!

Remember to quote us when you are ordering from them! (No commission for us, it just pleases us if we know we helped their business grow!)

Much Love and Thankies..

Curl your hair : Basics

So you've got a hot curler to curl your hair, but you have no clue what to do to achieve the look that you want. After all, isn't it just about rolling your hair in the barrel?

Look no further, BlushBerry provides you with all the answers that you want!

Follow these easy steps to get the hairstyle that you want!
1. Know your Hair Curler
2. Understand the Basics of Hair Curling
3. Create the Hair Style that you want

1. Know your Hair Curler

Is your hair curler ceramic?

Does your Hair Curler looks like this and have a shiny surface? If it does, it is a normal iron curler. These type are easier to use, as they have higher temperature and curls your hair faster.

If your hair curler looks like this and have a matte surface, it is a ceramic hair curler. These type are healthier to use, as they have lower temperature but they also take longer to curl your hair

How big is the barrel?
First of all, let me say that any barrel can create curls that are bigger size compared to the barrel.

Let me further illustrate.

You can see 3 types of barrel size in the picture above, the smallest size can create curls as small as its size and any curls bigger than its size too.
the largest barrel size you see above can only create curls as small as its size and any curls bigger. It cannot create curls smaller than the barrel itself.

Usually, people go for the small ones for more flexibility in creating more styles. The big ones are for creating very loose waves or volume in your hair.

I personally recommend any Babyliss brand. They are easy to use, with temperature choices and they curl your hair faster, leaving a healthy shine on your curls too! I do not use the ceramic one cuz they are very slow....... it can really put a toll on your hairstyling duration.

Babyliss Pro GT BABGOLD150S Gold Titanium Curling Iron, 1-1/2" (38mm)
You can get the curler by clicking on the link above.

2. Understand the Basics of Hair Curling
There are only 3 steps in hair curling. Using these 3 steps, you can create any look you want!

1. Curl

  • Inward
  • Outward
2. Hold
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Diagonal
3. Release
  • Drag
  • Normal
I have created a video tutorial to illustrate these steps.

Check the video out and try it on your hair!

3. Create the Hair Style that you want
Depending on the length of your hair, there can be many styles that you can choose from. The youtube video above also let you see how you can create the hair style you want. Try out the instructions and see if you can do it.

If you want a tutorial created for the look that you want, leave a comment here and I'll do my best to make that tutorial for you!
If you followed this article and did your bit of experimenting, don't hesitate to send us your before and after photos!

I hope that this article have helped you! Any questions or suggestions, comment away!

Coming up soon : Curling your hair with a hair straightener.