Aug 31, 2008

Make up Tutorials : XSparkage

  • Blushberry presents to you Leesha, a self taught make up artist from Youtube that we absolutely adore!

  • Her youtube Make up tutorials absolutely stands out among the others because of her playful and confident personality. We can never get bored of her! Seriously..

  • Other than making make up tutorials she makes bows too, see the hair bow in the picture? You can check out her hair bows at Disco Dollies Bows!

  • Needless to say, her youtube videos are a phenomenal success! She is one of the Most Subscribed, Most Viewed and has over 25000 subscribers!

  • We love her tropical make up looks that is both colourful and creative. She is also very friendly as well when we requested for her permission to do a feature on her..

  • Her make up tutorials mostly focuses on the whole look of the face.. she have a few lip tutorials as well, i remembered the red lipstick one very well myself.

Here are some of her best tutorials!

You can check out all the looks that she have done so far in this video

and her perfect red lips tutorial

we also love her creative ways of making horoscope inspired make up.. this is sagitarius

and disney characters inspired make up as well! This is Snow White..

we personally love her tropical make up tutorials!

You can check out her infamous videos at her youtube channel or her website as well!

Definitely a blushberry to keep in mind!