May 25, 2009

How to Kill/Save your Relationship

Hey... i was browsing mindlessly today and caught an interesting article which seems to be true in every sense. So I thought I share it with yall!

Somehow after reading it... i truly believe we are all programmed to fail in relationships.. T_T

Ref:By Morton C. Orman, M.D. Copyright © 1995-2002 M.C. Orman, MD, FLP



It's truly amazing how many people think it's o.k. to abuse other people, especially those they care about most.

I'm not just talking about extreme physical or emotional abuse. I'm also including milder forms of abuse, such as daily put-downs, sarcastic remarks, other negative comments, withholding affection, refusing to talk, threatening to leave, etc.

Many people repeatedly engage in these subtle forms of abuse. Married couples especially tend to act as if their marriage license gives them the absolute right to verbally or otherwise abuse each other.


Did you know that married people who repeatedly become defensive when challenged or criticized by their partner have much higher rates of unhappiness and divorce.

Being defensive is not only destructive--it shuts you off from an extremely valuable source of feedback. In order to succeed in our interpersonal relationships, we've got to be willing to admit when we are wrong. The only problem is we are not usually in good position to recognize when we are wrong.

Our partners, however, are usually in excellent position to recognize when we are wrong. They are also usually more than happy to point this out to us, in the hope that we will make corrections.

If you routinely shut out this valuable source of feedback, by always seeking to defend your actions or point of view, you will damage your relationships by not letting others contribute to you. You will continue to commit the same mistakes, over and over again, until the other person gets tired of this...and you as well.

The secret to dealing with criticism from others is not to reject it or act defensively. The secret is to listen intently to everything the other person is saying about you, and then try to find one or more things you can agree with! Don't automatically try to defend yourself or prove you are right. Instead, work very hard to validate, rather than reject, at least some of what the other person is saying.

Ben Franklin said, "The sting of another's criticism usually comes from the truth in it." If you want to have happy, healthy, long-lasting relationships, look for these "truths" and be willing to admit them.


While occasional criticism and constructive feedback is healthy in our relationships, too much of either can be very damaging. If you are constantly complaining or pointing out flaws in your partner's behavior, this can become annoying and unattractive.

Often, people will persist in being critical of their partners because they truly believe they are just trying to help them. However, there are usually deeper, more sinister, motives at work. Many people simply want to fix, change, or control other people. They want to make them over to fit their own image or change their behavior to comply with their own standards. While this is a very common and understandable human tendency, it is another key pattern that is destructive in our relationships.

Another common mistake people make is to store up their critical judgments, instead of voicing them openly. They keep finding fault with people they are related to, yet they don't let the other person know this directly. Then, they either "explode" with criticism over some minor event, or they turn off their affection and the relationship slowly dies.

A woman who recently consulted me for help with marital difficulties told me that her husband had suddenly announced that he wanted a divorce.

When she tearfully asked him why, after all these years, he suddenly felt this way, he responded by saying, "I've never been happy living with you. I felt trapped and miserable right from the start." When he finally got around to telling her his feelings, too much damage had already been done.


Perhaps the single biggest mistake you can make if you want to have good relationships with others is to always try to be right in your dealings with others. Why is this so destructive? Because in order for you to be right, the other person must end up being wrong.

Most people dislike having others make them feel wrong. They will resent you for this, and even if you win the argument or get your way, you'll pay a price later on.

Here's a quote from Ogden Nash (reprinted from the June 1994 issue of Readers Digest, p.130) that states this point very well:

To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong admit it,
Whenever you're right, shut up!


In addition to being right, another good way to destroy your relationships is to always be selfish and try to get your own way. Think only about your own wants, needs, and desires. Put your concerns first and consider others' needs much less important.


Another great way to destroy your relationships is to be dishonest. Tell little "white lies" from time to time. Pretend everything is just "fine" when you are really feeling angry or upset. Say you're fully committed to another, when in fact you have some doubts.

Whatever the issue might be, it rarely works to be dishonest in your relationships. Even if your dishonesty is never found out, you will know about it. You will also know that it damages your relationship. When you are dishonest, you know intuitively that your relationship will be less likely to succeed. As a consequence, you won't fully invest yourself, and this also will help it to fail.


Forget the vows and promises you made to each other. Go behind your partner's back and do something you know they wouldn't appreciate. Justify your behavior by saying "those promises were made in the past. Things are different now."

I'm not talking only about sexual infidelity. Unfortunately, many let their relationships deteriorate so far, they convince themselves such behavior is justified.

Make no mistake about it. Violating one of the sacred agreements of your relationship, whether or not that agreement was openly stated or just plain understood, is a sure-fire way to kill a troubled union. If your relationship wasn't dead before you decided to commit such an unfaithful act, it probably will be.


If you want to destroy any type of relationship, be sure to think of yourself as smarter, prettier, cooler, hipper, or more worthwhile than other people. Make it your habit to put other people down in order to feel good about yourself. Always strive to win any competition, and never give anyone an even break.

This an excellent way to get other people to dislike you. It also shows that you aren't really smart at all. In truth, no human being is more special or superior than anyone else. Sure some people develop superior skills or exceptional talents. But they are no more or less lovable, no more or less worthy, than anyone else. If you've somehow convinced yourself that the previous statement isn't true, you'd better reconsider.


Keep very close tabs on your partner at all times. This way, you can prevent him or her from changing, growing, or maybe even deciding to leave you at a later date.

Always try to get other people to think and feel exactly as you do. Try to intimidate them, dominate them, and keep them from behaving in ways you don't approve.

Make them fearful of crossing you or offending you by always responding with hostility and rage. This is an excellent way to bring romantic relationships to an end.

It's also a very good way to end up living alone.


Whatever else you do, always remain certain that whatever you think, feel, or believe--about relationships, your partner, life in general, etc.--is true. Never let doubt or contradictory evidence creep in. Never ask for guidance or support from others. And above all else, never admit any shortcomings that might make you appear weak or stupid.

Always appear to know exactly what you are doing, even when you don't have a clue. This will insure you never learn anything new or useful. It will also guarantee that people who love you will get totally frustrated in their efforts to help you succeed and be happy.

Each of us commits these ten mistakes from time to time. This is why you should familiarize yourself with all ten and regularly keep them in mind. As simple and obvious as many of these mistakes appear, we often don't recognize them when they are controlling our behavior.

These are not the only ways you can destroy your interpersonal relationships. There are other habits which are equally destructive. If you remember these ten patterns, however, you'll be way ahead of most other people.

It is important to acknowledge that all of the patterns discussed in this report have positive as well as negative aspects. For example, being right and being in control are often necessary to succeed in our jobs or professions. A doctor, for instance, must try to be right all the time. Doctors must also take control in certain situations and act in ways that reflect their superior knowledge and experience. But if a doctor takes those same patterns home and tries to use them to dominate his or her spouse or kids, serious relationship problems will usually occur.

Also, many patterns that are destructive to our relationships are actually valued and endorsed by our society! Television programs (especially soap operas), movies, advertisements, and other subtle forces encourage us to act in counterproductive ways. Your best friends and family members are also susceptible to these same societal forces, so their "helpful" advice can be questionable as well. So be prepared for lots of bad or misguided information about relationships to come your way. To succeed in your relationships, you'll need to disregard much of this incorrect input and challenge many of the popular notions that don't really do people very much good.



Create a purpose for your relationship that can empower both you and your partner throughout a lifetime. This purpose should be bigger than just having your relationship succeed. It should also be bigger than having fun, having a good time, having a family, or reaching any other well-defined goal.

Examples of purposes that can last a lifetime and keep your relationship fresh and exciting are: contributing to the health and well-being of everyone around you; con- tributing to other people's financial success; contributing to ending hunger on the planet; contributing to ending stress in people's lives; solving the problems of crime, abuse, or poverty in the world, etc.

Oprah Winfrey, the successful T.V. talk show host, recently took on a new purpose for her life. She committed herself to doing what she can to end child abuse in the world. Since then, her T.V. show has become even better! In addition, her primary relationship with the man in her life now has a focus much bigger than just the two of them.

Any purpose that turns you on and energizes you will work. Just make sure both you and your partner are excited about it and that you plan to dedicate your relationship to it. This won't make all those little hassles, disappointments, and petty disagreements of married life magically disappear. It will, however, make them seem inconsequential!


It's very important for you and your partner to always clarify (that means communicate with each other openly and honestly) important agreements, expectations, values, roles, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, passions, etc. Failing to do this is a major cause of "stress."

Don't assume that you know your partner's thoughts, feelings, or desires. Don't assume he or she understands yours either. Always spell things out so there are no misunderstandings.


Never expect your partner to bring you happiness. He or she will have enough trouble managing their own life. They won't be able to take responsibility for yours as well.

Besides, the truth about human beings is that we all have the power to make ourselves happy any time we want. We don't need other people to provide this for us. It's actually much easier and more dependable to learn how to create happiness on your own. Then, whatever happiness your partner does contribute to your life, you'll accept this as a bonus. (And if they don't contribute much, you won't feel cheated.)


While trust is necessary for the success of your relationship, don't be naive or stupid about granting it. Make sure your partner is worthy of your trust, and call them to task for any major or minor violations. Organize your own life and behavior so as to always deserve your partner's faith and trust as well. You must establish and protect mutual trust in your relationship. Without this key ingredient, your relationship will likely fail.


Make your marriage about supporting and nurturing your partner. This often becomes contagious. But even if there is little reciprocation, you can still derive pleasure from serving another person, provided you do so of your own free will.


Don't be eager to have your own way if you want to have a long and happy marriage. Make it your goal to give in more than 50% of the time, and take pleasure in letting your partner have his or her way as often as you can.


While you might think you are innocent, your partner wouldn't be criticizing you unless you have done something, either real or imagined, to deserve it. Whatever the case, don't dismiss your partner's feelings. Find some way to agree with their point of view, for much of the time they will have a legitimate beef.


Perhaps the best advice we can give you about saving your marriage is to always value yourself and your partner. Never focus on the negatives about each other. Always emphasize the positives and force yourself to reflect upon them frequently. (The negatives tend to stand out all by themselves!)

In addition to valuing your own worth and the worth of your partner, learn to value the differences between you. Each of you probably has differing needs for intimacy, for communication, for expressing emotions, for time spent alone, etc. You also probably have different strengths, beliefs, preferences, past histories, and patterns of dealing with success and adversity.

Learn to value these differences rather than criticize each other for having them. Don't assume that your way of doing things, your point of view, or your past experiences are any more "right" or "valid" than your partner's. Each of you is a separate, distinct, and different human being. And each of you has a right to be who you are, and be loved and accepted just that way.

Another part of valuing each other is refusing to blame or criticize each other when things don't go a you wish. All people make mistakes, including your partner. Again, focus on what's "good" and "right" about your partner, rather than anything you might view as "bad" or "wrong."

Also, resist saying anything negative or critical about your partner in public, even to your best friends! You might be strongly tempted to do this, but it only devalues your relationship. Even if we're upset or down on each other at the moment, we don't reinforce our negative feelings by communicating them to others.

Often, what happens when you violate this rule is that other people agree with your negative assessments and add more of their own. They encourage you to think even more negatively about your partner, which is the opposite of what you truly need to do.

NOTE: You might think that by "getting things off your chest" by talking with friends you will feel much better. In the short run, this may be true. But in the long run, it will probably hurt your relationship.


Consider your marriage license a license to please and pleasure your partner. After all, you are in the best position to know what they like and provide it for them. You also have exclusive access to their inner thoughts, desires, and secret fantasies. So take full advantage of this special position you occupy. Take pride in pleasing your partner and adding pleasure to his or her life. Whether or not they reciprocate in kind--which will be hard for them to resist--your life will be much richer.


This advice is for the benefit of any men who might be reading this report. MEN: Take everything you know about succeeding in your relationships with women and throw it away. It probably won't do you any good.

The smartest thing any man can do is to realize that women--just about all women--are much more knowledgeable about how to succeed in relationships than we will ever be. If you really want to succeed in your relationships with women, you'd be very wise to let them take the lead.

Listen very closely whenever they start telling you things you are doing, or not doing, that they consider wrong. Most of the time your ideas WILL BE WRONG, so if you empower your female partner to lead you as if you were blind you will have much greater odds of succeeding in the long run.


WOMEN: Here's some special advice just for you about how to succeed in your relationships with men. Read the previous section and then realize that the success of your relationships with men will be LARGELY UP TO YOU!

We men have not been trained to succeed in our interpersonal relationships. In fact, we've been conditioned and programmed to be total and miserable failures.

We need your help, whether we know it or not. You must take the leadership role and make your man realize why this makes sense. You must also take the time and effort to train your man how to do things right. Of course the job will be easier if you pick a man who understands this from the outset, but even if you have not been very selective, you can train almost any man to appreciate and value what you have to bring to the partnership.

Yes, I know this is another unfair and unequal distribution of responsibility. But it's the way relationships work, and if you try to disown the job, or share it equally with your man, your relationship will probably suffer.

May 21, 2009

Protect your Blogshop!

Dear all blogshop owners.. it has come to my attention that there are other blogshops that 'steal' your images or design.. here is a simple way to prevent them from doing it and to protect your own photos.

This step ensures that no one can right-click your images or your website, therefore they will be prevented from saving your images

Create a page element

Paste the code you get from the website below into the page element

To change the msg when they right click, please substitute the words function disabled with your own

May 20, 2009

DIY Artistic Prom Makeup

Sometimes we are poor.. and cannot afford makeup services from professionals..
and we hope that our fairy godmother will come and bestow us the most wonderful dress and give us a makeover that lasts until midnight.

In truth, there is no fairy godmother, if you want something... work hard to get it by yourself..
unless your fairy godmother is your boyfriend -_-

So today, I will show you the means to get a beautiful prom makeup all by yourself.. with or without fairy godmothers or boyfriends :DThis artistic look is done using temporary tattoos that you can get anywhere in malls or beauty shops like sasa or bookstores as well!
I was so hyped I even tattooed my ring finger! it's so cool!
I will do a series of tattoo makeup.. the next one with be dark gothic.

First of all, when you buy your tattoo roughly estimate the size to suit your makeup or eyes or wherever you want to have the tattoo on.
You can be outrageously intelligent by drawing the design using your eyeliner, you will most probably be late for your event but if that makes you happy... go ahead.
Just remember 2 things :
1. the tattoo will be mirrored cuz you need to flip it to transfer it to your skin
2. do the tattooing before you apply any foundation. Remember to wash your face and dry it properly beforehand.

The temp tattoos nowadays have improved alot since I last used them which was like 10 years ago.. I remember having to wait after wetting it for about 15 minutes.. Now, the temp tattoos can be peeled off immediately after moisting it with water.

There, the tattoo is reversed and is facing your eye in the correct direction.
Now, apply your foundation and concealer on your face. Avoid the tattoo.
When you powder your face, remember not to powder the tattoo accidentally.

After that, do your brows like usual.. If your tattoo goes over your brows like mine, don't bother avoiding the tattoo. Just fill in your brows like usual even though you might have to go over the tattoo.

Next, use Shade 1 from the 88 pallete, its a very light white shade btw.
Shade your brow bone area, from the skin at the bottom of the brow and blend down.
Avoid the tattoo.

For the eye makeup, let's start with the bare eye first. Use shade 49, which is an ashy teal colour on your eyelids.. blend nicely... avoid your lower lashline.

After that use shade 39 and shade your crease. Its a light lavender colour.
Line half of your lower lash line as well.

After that, use shade 6 which is a light dusty blue colour on the inner corner of your eyes.

Move on to the tattooed eye. Use shade 49 again for the eyelids. Avoid the tattoo completely.

Then use shade 39 for the crease and half of your lower lash line. Avoid the tattoo.

Lastly, shade in no. 6 at the inner corner of your eyes.

Use shade 39 and roughly blend from the outer border of the tattoo outwards.

1. Use shade 6 and lighten the previous shade a little bit.
2. You can do stripes of various colours in this area.
3. After you are satisfied, use your eyeliner and dot some lines to 'fool' all your friends into thinking that you drew the tattoo yourself with the eyeliner.
4. Finally use various colours to colour in the tattoo.

Don't ask me why I suddenly decided to line my eyes with blue pencil liner first. It's difficult to explain all the creative reasons when you are so caught up in art.
Anyway, it's to make your eyes look more intense when you apply your black liquid liner.
Remember to line the outer half of your lower lashline only.
Not everybody has blue liner, I understand.. if you don't use the edge of the q-tip to pickup a strong blue colour from the pallete and line your eyes!

After that, use the black liquid liner to line your eyes again. If possible, make it thinner than your blue line so that your blue line still shows. :D

(I dunno why everything looks green here lol)
Apply false lashes as nessecary or just glam up with mascara.

Use the 2 stripes of pink in the 88 pallete for your blusher. You know what to do, just swipe your brush over both stripes.
For your lips, it's best to downplay it cuz your eyes is supposed to be the one drawing the attention!

There, all done!
Who says you need a professional makeup artist for this look!
Oh match your accessories to your tattoo design ya...
Now get going to your ball cinderella!

You can always change the tone of the makeup to another colour.. say green.. or pink.. or brown... just remember to change the blue liner according to the colour you are using.

If you realize your tattoo has become powdery or lighter in colour just lightly swipe with water.. Do not use oil based products on the tattoo as that will completely remove it.

Oh, one more thing before I forget... if your fringe is short, please clip it up!
If you leave it down, it will cover the makeup and that isn't good right!

**// Little Notes //**
My havoc week is over... I am still doing damage control.. refunds will be announced by email..
Courier service for palletes have successfully transferred to Gdex.
Sales will now resume as usual.
There will be 2 more posts this week!
Look out for it!

Blogs Revamped!

Edit: Candeelicious, Dr. Pizzicato, So Haute7
oh god blushberry is in a mess.. i am so ashamed.. the blogs i designed are far more pleasing than my own blog!
i am gonna upgrade this mess to .com soon.. n reorganize everything...
its such an eyesore now.

anyway, i heard from a friend who read fashion truth that a reviewer.. i forgot who is being flamed for using her ad earnings on her boyfriend... it got me really furious...
cuz what we do with our earnings is none of the customer's business.. however harsh that may sound... then I thought... omg.. if i did not do design jobs.. then i'll be in the same position.. using my earnings for personal perusals..but because i have other jobs from 3d... design.. websites..blogs.. all the earnings from blushberry can be invested back into blushberry for the sake of my readers whether izzit for freebies or packagings or events and such..
in case yall dunno.. i really am doing this full time now..

I am still working on website designs now... busy busy..
fyi, for those who took the cheaper alternative can now upgrade their blog design to the complete one by topping up RM 250!

anyway.. updates.. before picture...
She has a shop in PJ.. you should visit her boutique!

This is how her blog looks after the revamp!

This is after the revamp.. I forgot to screenshot the before look.. haha
if you go to her blog.. it might look different... cuz she took the cheaper alternative..
I understand if customers are on a budget constraint and wanna take the cheaper alternative.. but upgrading is always possible at anytime! after the revamp!
She took the cheaper alternative as well.. so her blog may look a lil different!

Edit:Zarfa Wardrobe and LaBelle Closet

It's been some time since I update this section. I done Zarfa Wardrobe about 2 months ago but I did not upload it cuz I was doing another job that time that ended quite badly.

Everyone is a fan of Oh.Popsicle's design which is the victorian feminine style and frankly, I am sick of doing that style. When the passion is gone, the will to work goes too. But it was alright cuz I always work based on references and clients are usually very pleased with the results other than timeline issues.

The thing is, I had a customer at that point of time who wanted that style and also wanted to experiment alot. 500 bucks for blog design is dirt cheap, let's be honest. it's not even marketable for ONE illustration. So when someone asked for a FEW blog designs experiments.. + colour test + banner tests + layout tests.

I flipped.

In the end she wanted me to plagiarise the reference EXACTLY.
It was a very unfortunate moment for me, cuz I have to reject her offer eventhough the customer paid half of the price already. I refunded her of course.

After that I begin targetting websites instead of blog designs.. cuz I just needed a big break from the oh.popsicles style.

I am back now!
Zarfa Wardrobe Before
She is a very easy person to work with.. cuz she knew exactly what she wanted. She even have references for her logo. Her job was a fly job. Finished within 1 week. I love the outcome as well!

This is her blog after the revamp. You can also check out her blog at
Eventhough it was still Oh.popsicles style I was ok with it.. cuz the colour scheme is not pink.
Yes. Everybody wants pink.
Don't ask me why.

After that I was very busy with the Fashion Show and did not have time to do blogs or website.
I meet Chloe from LaBelle in one of my secret getaways. She is very cool.. (and sick at that time too) but she contacted me to do her blog and check this out, she even introduced a new style to me!

I was overjoyed at the prospect of doing a new style, eventhough I have to illustrate every single icon in her blog I did not mind cuz the passion came back!

This is Labelle closet after the revamp.
It was the best job I have worked on.. the inspiration and the workflow was pure pleasure. finished the job in 3 days.
Check it out at

I do not know for sure if I do the customer's job that I rejected now, the job will turn out alright... I am also still at a loss wondering if I am at fault cuz I have NEVER ever rejected a customer before.

Anyway, website + namecard designs are up!
inquiries :

Namecard designs include printing and you can even emboss certain areas!




DESIGNRM 720RM 3700 RM 500 / RM 200
CONTENT (per page)+RM 50+RM 220-


100 PCSRM 70

200 PCSRM 100

300 PCSRM 120

500 PCSRM 150




  1. Charges are accumulative with the design price as the base charge.
  2. Sub-pages are considered one page and will be charged as one page. Example : About Us>Contact Us, Company Profile, Director’s Profile.
  3. Namecard prices include printing, cutting and embossing(spot UV)
  4. Maintanence of website(uploading, editing and change of templates) are in a 20 pages package. You can renew the package when u used up the 20 pages.
  5. I will start the job once you have paid half of the total agreed payment.
  6. The website will be uploaded once the other half of the payment is paid.
  7. For more inquiries, please email

Edit:Fancy Fans, An Old Flame and Chomel 27

This is Chomel 27 before the revamp!

I took damn long to do the header.. cuz I did it in 3d with maya and completed it in Photoshop.
I love it, hence the watermark. hehe.

This was originally the rm 500 design..
but Miss Chomel27 opted for the RM 200 design instead which excludes layout design.

So in the end, this was the result.
This will roughly give you an idea of what you will be getting if you are taking the RM 200 offer instead.

This is a brand new blog, done from scratch.. fancy fans.
She has a boutique in Bangsar, which is already open. I designed her namecard and logo signboard as well.
Will post the photos up when I get them!!
This is the namecard design

And the logo signboard design. Imagine it in red. hehe

I did the header for An Old Flame too..I didn't wanna put this up until Cynthia had uploaded it.

Jolly Dolly Revamped

Jolly Dolly
Before the Revamp
What Miss Jolly wants is a template with dolls, fun and cute online boutique!
I stumbled upon Charuca's characters which is really cute and I built a template based on the characters!
After the revamp!
Plenty of Jolly Dolls!!!
Hope you like it!
Bunny Noo Revamped
BunnyNoo before the revamp
Miss Bunny wants something elegant and sophisticated yet feminine.
Zafre's design skills is amazing, I love his designs.
So a zafre inspired design :

Bunny Noo after the revamp!

Cat in a Bowl revamped

Before the revamp
What Miss Meow Miao wants :
"For the design, maybe something classy but not too serious, not too cutesy either. It'll be great if it can relate a lil to our blogshop name & of course fashion, i have no idea how though :p"

lol..I hope I meet up with your standards!

After the revamp!
little paw icons everywhere.. hehe..
redesigned her logo as well..i especially love the cat..

Hope yall like it... head on to Cat in a Bowl!

Oh, Popsicles revamped
Hey girls.. recently we were commissioned to help Miss Popsicles to revamp her blog for her online boutique!

Here are the results!

We redesigned her logo to a more vintage and feminine look..

This is the layout for the blog design! Out of all the concepts we pitched to her, Miss Popsicles love the Victorian Design the most!
So we present to you Oh, Popsicles ala Victorian Popsicle style.
It was fun working on the project!!

Hope yall like it.
To view Oh, Popsicles.. go to

Promotion is OVER for blog designs!
Normal price is back!
RM 500 only!!
RM 450 if you allow us to put our banner in your blog!
Cheaper alternatives up to RM 200 available upon request!

May 11, 2009

Pigment Pallete orders

Edit : Reason for breakage and smell

Breakage :
The pigments this time is much more smoother and fine, which resulted in 2 things;
1. pigments are higher quality. slides on smoother and color pickup is better
2. probability of breakage is very high

note: supplier stocked both 88 and 78.. half of 88's stock were broken upon reaching malaysia's shores. and 78, well. only 10 are intact, the others are all broken. Therefore, the 78 that yall received are the last ones to arrive.. no more stock until further notice.
2. i know the pigments is kinda small.. but for me, i have been using my 88 since the start of blushberry (sept 08) until now, and my 88 is still full.

how to salvage if your shades is broken :
1. gently tip your pallete upside down to clear the excess.
2. blow away pigments that are clogging up other colors
3. wipe the residue off carefully.

Smell :
Due to all of our rush orders, my suppliers rushed the factory and they shipped to us immediately without drying the glue.

Hence the smell is a glue smell, not the smell of the pigments. In simple words, the pigments can still be used as the expiry date for each pallete is 2 years later from the day you receive it.. since they rushed our order right..

How to salvage your stinking pallete :
1. Do not place it under the sun, it will cause the glue to melt which is what freaking f***king poslaju did.
2. Open up your pallete and air it under the fan
3. Check the smell one week before and after to see the improvement.
4. A completely dried pallete will only smell of talc powder realllyyyy up close.

Blushberry Remedies:

1. From now onwards, all shipping will consist of Poslaju and Gdex. Poslaju is the budget choice but riskier one, 60% it will result in breakage
Gdex is the prime choice but more expensive by a few bucks. Gdex shipping will commence in June.

2. Refunds will not be made. Replacements will be given to a few selective customers based on damage and circumstances. Other customers with breakage is entitled to a LIFETIME 10% discount on all items in BlushBerry. Selective customers entitled for replacement will be announced this coming week.

3. As all 78 stock is damaged. There will be no sales of 78 until further notice. Sales of 88 is available. Delivery options is recommended as below :
Top choice : COD Every Saturday, Mid Valley Starbucks/ Delicious 2 pm
2nd Choice : Gdex courier service, commences in June
3rd Choice : Poslaju, Risk of damaged pallete no longer bearable by me. No more refunds/replacements/discounts.

4. For those 78 fans under tight budget, damaged palletes are going for a mere RM 40. My supplier has tons n tons of them..I know they are having a hard time cleaning and trying to fix everything up.. I was literally sweating tears when i read all the negative emails. they must be crying when they opened up the stock upon arrival.
Reasons for buying :
1. Pigments are high quality
2. Cheap
3. Fast clearance of stock ensures faster shipping of the NEW stock later on.
COD only to minimize damage.

5. A brand new product is now available for purchasing in replacement of 78.
Its the PRO 120 colour pigment pallete!!!
double stacked of 120 colour pigments, going for RM 110!
The pigments are BIGGER than 88.
Choice of colours available : Duo tones(top right), Shimmers, Matte, Blushes, Highlights, Lowlights

Price : RM 110
Applicable to damaged palletes customers only : RM 75
Delivery of Poslaju possible due to the larger pigment particles. The probability of breakage is 20%.

Lastly, It has been a rough week for me.. but I just want to say thank you for all your support and trust in me. Sometimes I do not know why i deserve such wonderful readers/customers like yall.. i can list down an endless list of my bad points.. but I will always try to do everything I can to avoid betraying ur trust and support in me.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you

Damaged palletes customers, refer to the list below for updates. check back later this week for makeup tutorials and to see if ur shortlisted for replacements.

Edit : one of my customers received her pallete in a very bad condition... weird smell and everything all stuck to the mirror. please email me immediately if ur pallete have problems as well. I cannot promise a refund or a new pallete but I will do absolutely everything I can to get to the bottom of this n make it up to you. fyi, my supplier and I checked each n every pallete before I paid them. and I checked them once again before I packaged. Some of the solutions that i can offer is this :
1. change of postal service from poslaju to GDEX, more expensive

2. poslaju insurance


please help me by giving me honest feedback!

total of damaged palletes complaints :
not in order of severe damage

1.sangria - lots of shades gone
2. genie - 12 gone

3. azleen - 6 gone

liz - smell + 2 gone
arrie - 4 gone
6. marrisa - 24 gone
7. ashley - 5 gone

maximum damaged palletes complaints eligible for refund : 5

I just delivered your palletes!!!
When I packaged your palletes, they were in great condition but BlushBerry is not liable for any damages suffered during delivery ok!

I have done my best to wrap with bubble wrap.. then newspaper.. then only with the envelope.. All the $$ you paid are all invested into the packaging and delivery..

Tracking codes :

Diah Shadows En 187196615 my
ashely En 191772129 my
aisyah nabilah En 187196527 my
jessica lai En 187196544 my
tock jing nee En 191770471 my
yahui En 182149763 my
yin wei En 187196592 my
marissa En 191770304 my
Amy lim En 191770180 my
azleen En 187196535 my
Lum sher nie En 191772203 my
haneesha En 191772146 my
foo lian way En 187196561 my
nur syahirah En 182149701 my
Taryna lim En 19172185 my
elizabeth law En 191772163 my
Phyd En 191772101 my
zhen ru chow En 191770349 my
carol En 187196513 my
chan wye yee En 191770264 my
bluey/dona mama En 187196575 my
lam tuck seong En 191770220 my
noraslina En 187196558 my
fatin zahirah En 187196629 my

Those who booked for COD please wait for my email.
pigment pallete sales will now resume like normal.

alright. now I need some sleep.

May 7, 2009

Star Newspaper

... i just din realize I will have one full page.

still stunned.

thank you all for your support all these while.. BlushBerry is not even a year old.. but you can imagine how big it will be during our 1st year anniversary right? That time I will make a party.. All of yall must come. Fans n haters please come!

thank you to make up store too!