May 11, 2009

Pigment Pallete orders

Edit : Reason for breakage and smell

Breakage :
The pigments this time is much more smoother and fine, which resulted in 2 things;
1. pigments are higher quality. slides on smoother and color pickup is better
2. probability of breakage is very high

note: supplier stocked both 88 and 78.. half of 88's stock were broken upon reaching malaysia's shores. and 78, well. only 10 are intact, the others are all broken. Therefore, the 78 that yall received are the last ones to arrive.. no more stock until further notice.
2. i know the pigments is kinda small.. but for me, i have been using my 88 since the start of blushberry (sept 08) until now, and my 88 is still full.

how to salvage if your shades is broken :
1. gently tip your pallete upside down to clear the excess.
2. blow away pigments that are clogging up other colors
3. wipe the residue off carefully.

Smell :
Due to all of our rush orders, my suppliers rushed the factory and they shipped to us immediately without drying the glue.

Hence the smell is a glue smell, not the smell of the pigments. In simple words, the pigments can still be used as the expiry date for each pallete is 2 years later from the day you receive it.. since they rushed our order right..

How to salvage your stinking pallete :
1. Do not place it under the sun, it will cause the glue to melt which is what freaking f***king poslaju did.
2. Open up your pallete and air it under the fan
3. Check the smell one week before and after to see the improvement.
4. A completely dried pallete will only smell of talc powder realllyyyy up close.

Blushberry Remedies:

1. From now onwards, all shipping will consist of Poslaju and Gdex. Poslaju is the budget choice but riskier one, 60% it will result in breakage
Gdex is the prime choice but more expensive by a few bucks. Gdex shipping will commence in June.

2. Refunds will not be made. Replacements will be given to a few selective customers based on damage and circumstances. Other customers with breakage is entitled to a LIFETIME 10% discount on all items in BlushBerry. Selective customers entitled for replacement will be announced this coming week.

3. As all 78 stock is damaged. There will be no sales of 78 until further notice. Sales of 88 is available. Delivery options is recommended as below :
Top choice : COD Every Saturday, Mid Valley Starbucks/ Delicious 2 pm
2nd Choice : Gdex courier service, commences in June
3rd Choice : Poslaju, Risk of damaged pallete no longer bearable by me. No more refunds/replacements/discounts.

4. For those 78 fans under tight budget, damaged palletes are going for a mere RM 40. My supplier has tons n tons of them..I know they are having a hard time cleaning and trying to fix everything up.. I was literally sweating tears when i read all the negative emails. they must be crying when they opened up the stock upon arrival.
Reasons for buying :
1. Pigments are high quality
2. Cheap
3. Fast clearance of stock ensures faster shipping of the NEW stock later on.
COD only to minimize damage.

5. A brand new product is now available for purchasing in replacement of 78.
Its the PRO 120 colour pigment pallete!!!
double stacked of 120 colour pigments, going for RM 110!
The pigments are BIGGER than 88.
Choice of colours available : Duo tones(top right), Shimmers, Matte, Blushes, Highlights, Lowlights

Price : RM 110
Applicable to damaged palletes customers only : RM 75
Delivery of Poslaju possible due to the larger pigment particles. The probability of breakage is 20%.

Lastly, It has been a rough week for me.. but I just want to say thank you for all your support and trust in me. Sometimes I do not know why i deserve such wonderful readers/customers like yall.. i can list down an endless list of my bad points.. but I will always try to do everything I can to avoid betraying ur trust and support in me.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you

Damaged palletes customers, refer to the list below for updates. check back later this week for makeup tutorials and to see if ur shortlisted for replacements.

Edit : one of my customers received her pallete in a very bad condition... weird smell and everything all stuck to the mirror. please email me immediately if ur pallete have problems as well. I cannot promise a refund or a new pallete but I will do absolutely everything I can to get to the bottom of this n make it up to you. fyi, my supplier and I checked each n every pallete before I paid them. and I checked them once again before I packaged. Some of the solutions that i can offer is this :
1. change of postal service from poslaju to GDEX, more expensive

2. poslaju insurance


please help me by giving me honest feedback!

total of damaged palletes complaints :
not in order of severe damage

1.sangria - lots of shades gone
2. genie - 12 gone

3. azleen - 6 gone

liz - smell + 2 gone
arrie - 4 gone
6. marrisa - 24 gone
7. ashley - 5 gone

maximum damaged palletes complaints eligible for refund : 5

I just delivered your palletes!!!
When I packaged your palletes, they were in great condition but BlushBerry is not liable for any damages suffered during delivery ok!

I have done my best to wrap with bubble wrap.. then newspaper.. then only with the envelope.. All the $$ you paid are all invested into the packaging and delivery..

Tracking codes :

Diah Shadows En 187196615 my
ashely En 191772129 my
aisyah nabilah En 187196527 my
jessica lai En 187196544 my
tock jing nee En 191770471 my
yahui En 182149763 my
yin wei En 187196592 my
marissa En 191770304 my
Amy lim En 191770180 my
azleen En 187196535 my
Lum sher nie En 191772203 my
haneesha En 191772146 my
foo lian way En 187196561 my
nur syahirah En 182149701 my
Taryna lim En 19172185 my
elizabeth law En 191772163 my
Phyd En 191772101 my
zhen ru chow En 191770349 my
carol En 187196513 my
chan wye yee En 191770264 my
bluey/dona mama En 187196575 my
lam tuck seong En 191770220 my
noraslina En 187196558 my
fatin zahirah En 187196629 my

Those who booked for COD please wait for my email.
pigment pallete sales will now resume like normal.

alright. now I need some sleep.