Dec 29, 2008

2 Spectacular Looks for New Year

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!!!
Happy New Year!!!

I will have another post up tomorrow.. not explicit though hehe..
We are working on a few ideas for the explicit looks series.. If you have any ideas.. pop them in here!

We present to you 2 new looks for you new year celebration!

Golden 2009
I loooovvveee Gold.. silver and bronze too!!!
Here is a very simple look for you!

Brush on your brow bone with a light whitish colour..
If you have our pigment Set.. Its shade 1 and 2.

For the next part.. I use Key Colours from Red Earth
Liquid Bronzer in Dasmon Ice
Its a great product where you can :
1. Apply on your face as bronzer
2. Mix with liquid foundation to give a glowy dewy look to your face
3. Apply as makeup on the eye
4. Use as a makeup base for the eye, put another matte colour on top to get a SHIMMERY colour as the result.

Here in this tutorial, we are using for the 4th reason.
So dab abit on your eye and blend with your fingers.

Then I use Kate Eye pallete in bronze... if you have any gold eyeshadow..that would do also.
For those who have my pigment pallete.. you can use shade 55.
Just apply on top of the Dasmon Ice and pile in lots of gold!

Then I use bronze from the same Kate pallete at the outer corner of my eyelids.
You can also use Shade 65 and 66 together from the pigment pallete. Dab on the Shade 65 and a little on the 66 for the same effect.

Line your eyes with black eye liner..

Tada!! I should apply the gold further up nearer to my brow bone though.. Can't really tell the makeup is there when I open my eyes. Sigh..

Sweet Holiday
A really sweet flowery look that gives a soft feminine visage!

Do your browbone with Shade 1 from the pigment pallete.. or any whitish color.
Then use shade 16 and 17 from the pallete one the inner corner of your eye just like above. Repeat for your lower lash line.
If you don't have my pigment pallete.. you can use any light blue colour.. and if the colour is not intense enough.. wet your brush before dabbing on the pigment!

I used Shade 51 on the outer corner of the eye skipping the middle part of my lids just like above.
If you don't have the pallete, you can use a light fuschia or purple colour.
Don't forget your lower lashline!

After that I use Shade 41 for the middle part of the lids.. blending the 2 colours from before together by rubbing over them softly repeatedly.
This colour is stronger and darker than the purple colour above.
You can use a stronger purple colour for this...or if you just have one shade of purple, you can wet your brush and take the same purple from before so that this application is stronger and more intense.

Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner.

This turns out better than the gold one!
For the lips, here is a trick!!
1. Apply lip balm on your lips.. wait for it to settle down...
2. Apply Lip Ice Sheer Colour on your lips. One layer of application is enough.
Your lips should be pinker now.
3. Line your lips with nude lipliner or concealer/stick foundation.
Smudge the lipliner/concealer/stick foundation over your whole lips.
This will make your pink lips become a pale frosty pink!

Dec 27, 2008

Coastal Scents 88 Pigment Pallete Tips

This video is for those who bought the pigment pallete and isn't getting the results that BlushBerry is showing in our blog.
Check out the video!!

Here is the video:

Dec 23, 2008

Explicit Looks : White Christmas


Don't forget to send me presents.

You can go to Cheras Leisure Mall, right outside of Giant supermarket.
There is a big Christmas tree there with wishes hanging on the leaves.
They are children's wishes.. Pick one and give them a gift ya!!!

Today's photoshoot was the craziest, most uncomfortable and the FUN-nest shoot EVER!
Guess what is the stuff on my face, the first one to get it correct I'll send you a Christmas bashing present.

I am tired of seeing my Before-spastic look. So I have decided to make them smaller and smaller with each post until they disappear.
But it's ok!!! Makeup will save me from all the evil Ultramans who wanna diss me!!!

Anyway, listen up those who bought the pigment palletes!!! I have a video tutorial coming up soon..cuz I found out some of yall are quite confused and aren't getting the results as shown in this blog. So check back this friday ok!

Makeup Tutorial below :

Brow bone highlights
Shade 1 from 88 pigment pallete

Base Colour
Shade 11

Shadows at outer corner
Shade 66

White eyeliner at the inner corner.
Black eyeliner at the outer corner.

Shade 7, 18, 29, 40 for Blusher.

Pink lipstick with Red lipgloss dabbed in the center of the lips.

One of the newer lashes that I am selling, this one is called Diamante.

After the makeup and before the craziness begin.

Craziness #1
We started putting on XXX on my face. They keep falling off though and we ended up putting water over my makeup before putting XXX on.
One of the first pose I tried. I didn't dare blink or open my mouth or smile.
This photo looks different from the one above cuz I apply a photoshop filter called Alien Skin Exposure 2. It simulates film looks. That's why the highlights and the shadows are extra harsh.

Craziness #2
White Christmas eh?
Want to have the same effect for your irises?
Just use the Dodge tool in Photoshop, dodge the highlights and midtones of your irises until your real iris's colour show!

Craziness #3
I gathered my courage and opened my mouth and bit an envelope.
This shot was difficult. I was afraid of making XXX fall off my mouth.
I photoshopped the words and snowflakes in.
Oh by the way, I didn't photoshop my face much, I couldn't due to the amount of XXX plastered on my face.
All I did was crop and apply the Exposure 2 filter.

Craziness #4
Old poster look.. Cyan shadows, Magenta tones.
Haha.. alot of X's in this post.
:Merry XXXmas:
I bought the dress I am wearing from Oh-Popsicles.. I love it!!

Craziness #5
How do you spot a blogger?
1. Randomly takes photos of EVERYTHING, from food to cloud shapes
2. Have the craziest titles and labels for their posts and photos (eventhough sometimes the posts and photos are not interesting)
3. The females are camwhorers while the males are blog-up comedians
4. Able to write something totally irrelevant/abstract when describing a photo, people will still read them regardless.

Craziness #6
Sometimes I hate my big sausages, but sometimes they come in handy for shots like these..
At the end of the day, I still hope I don't have sausages for my eating hole.
I like this shot the most, the XXX are showing up nicely here!

[end craziness]

Have a crazy christmas.. if your christmas is sensible, add some XXX to your christmas.
much love.

Dec 22, 2008

Photoshop Advance : Digital Makeover

Yo! Was busy with the bazaar.. it is finally over!!!!
My photographer went awol but there is a photoshoot planned tomorrow/wednesday, so makeup tutorials coming back soon yea..

I always hated doing photoshop tutorials cuz they are so freaking long and they needed alot of screencaptures.. but I cooked this one up just for yall!! Hehe...

Transform yourself from this:
to this:

Remember you can always Undo by clicking CTRL ALT Z

Adjust the contrast and brightness of the photo to make yourself fairer!
Click on the link above for the tutorial, if you did it before and still remember how to do it.. *clap clap*

Take away all your face's defects. No doctor required.
Once again, click on the link if you have forgotten how to do it.

Give your skin a baby glow!
Remember how to do it? If not, click!

1. Click on the tool in number 1, hold your mouse button.
2. Choose the Burn tool.
3. Change the range to Shadows(so you only darken your shadows) and the exposure to 30%(you don't want it too dark)
4. Adjust the size of the tool by pressing [ or ]
Paint on the red areas, darkening your brows, eyes and mouth gap areas effectively.


1. Click on the tool
2. Choose the Dodge tool
3. Change the range to Highlight(so you only affect the highlighted areas) and the exposure to 25%(you don't wanna shine too bright)
4. Change the brush size by clicking [ or ] ..Keep this in mind k..
Paint over the cheeks, nose bridge and your brow bones.

There you go, virtual sculpting and contouring using Burn and Dodge tool!
Now your face won't look so flat!

1. Filter > Liquify

2. Pick the first tool on the left (it pushes and pulls)
3. Push all the areas in the direction showed.
Aim for stronger jawline, V shaped and smaller nose, defined lips, higher cheekbones and higher brows!
Imagine you can plastic surgery yourself and go crazy!

4. Pick the Bloat tool. (It enlarges stuff, the tool above makes things smaller)
5. Click ONCE on your eyes, you don't wanna look like a goldfish.. haha

Face surgery done!
Smaller nose, cuter lips and more defined bone structure. Oh, and bigger Japanese eyes!

1. Click on the Brush tool, remember this tool!
2. Click on the Brush type
4. Click on the little arrow
5. Hit Load Brushes
6. Load all 3 of the secret weapons : Eyelashes and contacts
7. You will be able to see all your new brushes in your brush type list now!

1. Click on the Brush type
2. Choose the contacts you like.. I chose the one shown.
3. Hit New Layer icon(so that you don't mess up your original photo)
4. Click on your new layer

5.Click on the color swatch, change it to the color you want your contacts to be.
6. Adjust the size using [ and ] to fit your irises.
7. Click once! Look at the result at the picture above this one labeled 5.

1. Change the blending mode to Color Dodge so that your contacts lighten your iris, use Multiply if you wanna darken your irises.
2. Result shown with arrow.

1. As the effect is not that obvious (for my photo, skip this if you are happy with the result)
Right click on your layer and duplicate the layer
Hit ok.
Do this as many times and you think is neccesary.
For each layer, play with the blending modes until you get the effect that you are looking for, you can drag the layers below or on top of one another.

1. At the end of your playtime, click on the lowest contacts layer.
Hold shift and click the one right on top.
This selects ALL your contact layers.
Hit CTRL G to group them.

Oops! I mislabeled..
Number 2 first : Hit the mask tool
1 : Click on the mask
3. Get your brush tool and click on the one above.

Change the color to black.
When you try to paint over your contacts, you will notice that black act as an eraser and white act as the opposite.
Paint over all the contacts area that flood out of your irises area, for example your eyelids and such so that the contacts only apply to your irises and nowhere else.

1. Click on your contacts group to select them
2. Hit New Layer icon.
3. Select your newest layer by clicking on them!

1. Click on the brush tool
2. Choose your fave pair of lashes.
3. Adjust the size accordingly using [ and ], pick a colour you like.
4. Click on your lashes.
5. If you want, you can put lower lashes too, I chose the one shown above
6. Click on the photo to get your new lashes!

If the colour is too intense, turn the opacity down until you feel comfortable with the result!

1. Make yet another layer
2. Select your new layer by clicking on them
3. Select the colour swatch so that you can change the colour
4. Pick the hue that you want (greens or reds or yellows or blues)
5. Click on the colour that you want.

1. Get your brush tool, use the soft brush
2. Adjust the size until it fits your cheek.
3. Click!

1. Set the layer blending mode to Color
2. Play with the opacity until you fade it to your desired tone.

So now you have your contacts layers, lashes layer and blusher layer.
We are gonna add one more, so make another new layer.

By now you should be familiar with the brush and color picking..
1. Choose the brush tool
2. Pick the colour you want your hair to be.
3. Paint your hair!

Set the layer's blending mode to Soft Light.
If you feel that it isn't doing anything, duplicate the layer.
Too much? Turn the opacity down.


Now if only I can photoshop myself and then bring that photoshopped photo to the plastic surgeon......