Oct 29, 2008

Leesha aka Xsparkage is also using our Pigment Pallete!!

I can't believe XSparkage uses the same pigment pallete that we are selling!!! WOOHOO!!

OMG its so cool!!!

What are you waiting for?
Coastal Scents is also selling in US through their website but for Malaysians, you have another alternative.. BlushBerry!

You can get the exact same pigment pallete as XSparkage from us for just RM 80!

For more details on this product, you can click here!
For a suggestions of looks.. here!

Female Hairloss : Disease of the City Girl

There is no denying that women nowadays are working harder and more hectic than men.. as a result.. our health is affected.
One of the problems is hair loss.
For us ladies.. our hair does not go bald by location.. like men.
When we lose our hair, the whole scalp of hair gets thinner and thinner in general.

How to know if you are losing hair?
1. Brush your whole head with your fingers.. collect all the fallen hair..Don't panic if the amoutn of hair exceeds 35 strands.
2. Brush your hair again and again.. if your fallen hair exceeds 5 strands each time...you are facing hair loss and scalp health problems.
3. Another way is to compare your crown hair with your nape hair. If your hair on your crown is less than your nape hair.. you need to begin hair loss treatment immediately.

There are a few reasons that could cause hair loss:

1. Excessive Weight Loss Diet / Irregular Meal Times
Do you know that 30% of women who experienced hair loss are between 20 and 30 years old?
And did you ever notice that people who are stick thin tend to have less hair?
Food that are good for hair : Fish, Nuts, Food with Protein, zinc, copper, iron etc
Food that causes hair loss : Food without those elements such as vegetables, fruits, flour

So when you go on a diet and just consume vegetables non stop, you are actually causing your hair to fall!

2. Frequent Usage of Computers for a Long Period of Time
Do you know that if you are always in front of the computer, your hair drops at a higher rate?
When you are in front of the computer for a long period of time.. be if gaming or surfing.. you need more and more concentration ..when that happens.. it triggers off the Endocrine Function Disorder.. which will eventually lead to brittle and thin hair.. and you hair breaks off much more easily.

Solutions in managing Hair Loss
1. Lots of Water + Sleep
2. Regular Healthy Meals
3. Less time in front of the PC
4. Hair Loss shampoo / treatment


BlushBerry Bash! was a success!!
Don't forget that all the items are still available!


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Oct 28, 2008

How to Pose like a Model : Bffs

Hey yall!
Its been some time since we posted anything in the How to Pose series!
Anyway if you have missed any of the posts.. you know you can access them in the Table of Contents above..

Let's recap on what we posted in the series before we move unto today's post :

We have done Close Ups.. basics on how to position your head.. smiling and things like that:

We have also done full body posing.. on how to stand and ways of using your body to make yourself look better:

Other than that, we have posing in dresses.. on the correct way to hold and scrunch up your dresses:

and also in bikini!! How to make full use of your posing techniques to create more curves:
Once again, if you missed the full posts you can get them from the Table of Contents

On with today!
Make up courtesy of Make Up Store.
Make up done by chamber-of-babylon.blogspot.com

Well.. Rule No. 1 : Both of you must not face the camera head on.
There is always someone getting closer and the other just posing naturally.
So like above, one of the models is just posing to the camera naturally while the other faces sideways and adding character to the composition.

Rule No.2 : No lazy poses!
That means no slouching..limpy limbs and half hearted posing.
Stand straight and tall.
Be gentle and tender while placing your hands on your friend..

Rule No. 3 : The more you both tried to look equal, the more one of you will stand out more
Take the left for example, when both of us is worried about who is getting the most limelight..we look bad and awkward.
For the right photo, it is a simple task of having your back to the camera and facing your face to the camera as well. It looks subtly sexy and makes you both look like you are actually Best Friends Forever!

Rule No. 4 : Careful with your elbows!
No-nos : Facing your elbow on the camera, putting full hand weight on your friend.
Face your elbow away from the camera, so that you can see a nice 90 degrees arch and lightly rest your hand on BOTH shoulders instead of just one.

Rule No. 5 : When everything fails, go symmetrical!
If both of you ran out of ideas..no idea where to put your hands.. just copy each other!
Side profile is good for this..
Like the right photo : Both of us is leaning backwards with our hands almost in the same position.
It creates chemistry between both of you in the photo.

Rule no. 6 : Respond to your friend's poses
When kisses and hugs are given, it is only logical to return them back instead of standing stiffly.
So when your friend tried to do a kissing pose, hold her and let the pose show that both of you are really that close.

This can be applied if one of you is sitting down.
Rule No. 7 : Don't snuggle stiffly together, use the space that you have to pose
Don't be afraid to stick out a hand or move your head, there are plenty of oxygen and space around for you to pose!
The key is to place your heads together and let your hands do the creativity.

Hmm.. We are thinking of doing a posing with boyfriend pose..
but we are running out of ideas.. any suggestions?

Who Says Single Eyelids Are Not Beautiful

Elva Hsiao
Do it the mascara way!
Leave your eyelids free of Make Up.. Put on a light coloured contacts and load in all the mascara that you can!
Fill in with single lashes.

Sandy Lam
The fresh faced way!
Load your hidden lids with rich, dark eyeshadow!
Put on a peach blusher.. make sure your foundation and your face coverage is flawless!

Coco Lee
The dramatic queen!
Smokey eye makeup + lots and lots of mascara
Secret tip : Lots and lots of fake lashes, single or pieces. load them all in!

Thick Brows are Really Back!

Yet another look that has thick brows. They are really back.
Grow your brows thick, women!

Basic MakeUp Series IV : Shading your Brows

Last week we talked about the correct way to apply eyeshadow.. if you missed it click on the Read More in the Table of Contents above to read the whole series..

Today we are going to talk about shading your brows.. we will get into the brows grooming part soon in another series.. this series is just on makeup.

For shading your eyebrows.. you can either use :
1. Brow Pencil
2. Brow brush + brow colour pallete

for a softer and more natural look, you should use the 2nd option.. but if your eyebrows are already thick and well defined by itself just use a brow pencil and fill in the missing areas.

For this tutorial we use Make Up Store's Tri Brow Colour

Here goes!

Next up: How to apply blusher!

Oct 23, 2008

MAC Limited Collection : Emanuel Ungaro

MAC Cosmetics have a new collection!!
It is designed by Fashion Designer Esteban Cortazar and Makeup Artist Sharon Dowsett.
It is another feminine and dreamy collection that is consumer targeted.

Estaban Cortazar's Fashion Collection are feminine pieces that fully make use of satin cloth's feminine property.
Let's look at the eye makeup collection first.
All the colours are very safe..it stays away from bold colours and anyone can use the pallete for their daily outings.. no professionalism required!
We love the soft pastel colours.. so girlish and the whole pallete just reminds us of flowery scented perfumes.

Due to the soft eye pallete colours, they introduced the colour base to intensify the eyeshadow pigments and blush pigments as well. It is a must buy
Sheer lipstick.. not sure if they produce any colour on your lips though.. we have not tried this out at the counter yet.

We love this colour!! Eventhough it is see thru and sheer..

Looks like nude and neutral is the look that they are selling.

Blue pencil style liner.. hmmm I wonder why blue.

Soft & Feminine Hairstyle

Feminine Hairstyles are all in the rage!!

It is not easy to get these looks.. well.. we don't see anyone with all these fluffy soft hair on the street.. in Japan yea...

Anyway.. The tips to get this look is :

1. Natural Long Hair (No perming or straightening)
2. Flat Brown dyed hair (Same colour through out the whole hair)
3. Heavy Fringe (Front Hair)
4. Personal Hair Curler
5. Hair Mousse and Spray

The basics of this trend is the flat brown coloured dye and the fringe.
The fringe which is your front hair.. starts from the center of the top of your head. Usually it starts near your forehead area.
So ask your stylist to create the fringe from the center of the top of your head.
and then dye your whole hair with only one colour.

As for styling.. you will need a hair curler.. to create loose waves for your hair ends and to create volume for the top of your head.
The trick is to tie half your hair up and leave half down, on one side of your shoulder. (Refer to the first picture)
The hair that you leave down have to be slightly curled.

For the hair that you tie up, you can make a messy bun adorned with a clip.. or it can be braided like above..The more hair you tie up.. the more softer the hairstyle will look.

Cool Websites.. Not to be Missed!

We all have our bookmarks.. but there are cool websites/blogs/portals sprouting everywhere that not all of us know about..

Well.. here goes!

Free Ebooks Download

Free Ebooks, Piano Sheets, Music Albums, Photos Download

Free Manga - Read Online or Download

Celebrities Gossip - Daily Fresh Updates

Free TV series Download (updated as the episodes come out each day)

Free TV series subtitles Download (very fast updates)

Chinese Drama Series/Full Movies and Anime Series Streaming Video

Free Nintendo DS Games Download


Free beauty and makeup tutorials with freebies
sorry.. couldn't help it :D

Oct 21, 2008

Basic MakeUp Series III : Applying Eyeshadow the Right Way

Last week we talked about preparing your face using foundation+concealer+pressed powder and the likes.. if you have missed it or any posts you can click on the Read More button above in the Table of Contents post!

Well.. usually after having a flawless prepared face, we will go right into eye makeup..
The steps are like these:

1. Preparing your face - foundation+concealer+powder
2. Eye Make up
3. Eyebrows
4. Blusher
5. Bronzer/Contouring
6. Lips
7. You have Graduated!! From now on, we will show tutorials of different looks.. mainly eye makeup and blush+lip colour.

Eye make up is the most diverse and difficult of all stages as the look of your face is determined largely by your eye makeup.
Today we are just going to show the basics of how to apply eyeshadow.. in two tones..
No matter how many tones you are using or what style.. the basics of the technique is the same.

Before we go into the tutorial... let's go through all the do's and don'ts

Don't use the tip and swipe left to right.
You know its wrong when you can see one swipe of colour and another swipe of your skin next like above. This is the wrong technique.. (Our pigment looks is somewhat like this as we are just exploring colors and showing the possibilities.. so we just showed the combination of colors without the proper technique ^^ Our bad.. sorry)

The correct way is like this.. the colour is very thick near to the lashes.. slowly dissipating up into the skin.. like a SMOKEY effect. that's how the word comes about.
You have to blend and blend and blend. well obviously, to get this effect you first start by applying the colours near your lashes and then move up to your brow area...slowly blending off the colours.

In this tutorial we will use Make Up Store's eyeshadows..

Satin Microshadow :Brow Bone area
Ginger Leaf Cybercolour : first colour
Crystal Queen Microshadow : Shadow colour
The colour is actually dark midnight blue.. the photo is just a photo of the product :)

The technique on how to do it is like below :

Next up : How to shade your eyebrows

MakeUp Looks : Prom Look

Hi girls.. this is a prom look for those who are wearing dark coloured dresses!
For this tutorial.. it is a collaboration between BlushBerry and Chamber of Babylon.
We provided the models and photographer.. while Miss Chamber of Babylon(below) provided the makeup artistry on all of us!

The makeup products are all from Make Up Store.. their products is really good and can achieve all sorts of funky effects using their Makeup. We will list down every product that we use... you can visit Make Up Store at Pavilion or Gardens in Kuala Lumpur. Make Up Store is also available worldwide!

Curious? Just scroll down to see!



1. Apply foundation all over your face. No concealer necessary. Just apply with a foundation brush. The reason for not using a concealer is to give a flat coverage and also to prevent wrinkled areas from cracking when you smile.. so you can remedy by using more foundation.

Make Up Store Matt Foundation

Make Up Store Dual Foundation Powder.
After that we set the foundation in with this powder. It has a very smooth coverage but it tends to redden you skin.. so pick a LIGHTER foundation tone if you plan on using this powder.

2. After that, fill in your brows using a brow brush.

We used Make Up Store's Tri Brow Colour, you can choose whichever shade that suits your eyebrow best!

3. Begin your eye makeup by applying a shimmery white(Champagne) MicroShadow to your brow bone area and blending downwards.
Make Up Store's MicroShadow (Champagne)

4. After that apply a light brown shade(Forest) on to your crease.
Make Up Store's MicroShadow Forest

5. Complete the colour base by blending a dark black colour over your lids (Shimmery Bell)
As this is from the new Fall/Winter Collection, we do not have an official photograph to show yall.. but the name of the colour is Shimmery Bell.
The photo above is just a reference

6. Apply your blusher to your cheeks!

Make Up Store's Blush Lust

7. After that put on some very dramatic lashes!
This lashes is also from the Fall/Winter Collection.. it is OH SO GOOD!!

8. Line your lashes with a black eyeliner
Make Up Store Liquid Liner Black

9. Using a brush, apply a sheer pink coloured lipstick to your lips!

Make Up Store Lipstick Fence

10. Dab a wee bit of lipgloss to your lips!
We use Make Up Store's Scent Lips RifRaf.
It smells really delicious by the way.

11. Our secret and finishing touch!
Use Make Up Store's Glitter Liner and apply over your eye makeup. They will shimmer and dazzle all your friends!

Make Up Store's Glitter Liner Alive

All done! Put on your cocktail dress or long dress and go to the prom!

Notice how mysterious the eyes look.. with the long lashes and shimmery eye make up?
It really draws attention to your eyes!

Time for a glass of cocktail or wine!

Other than the shimmery bell makeup.. if you are looking for a more minimal makeup.. you can try these looks too!
1. Apply Green eyeshadow over your lids..
2. Apply Black eyeshadow on the inner and outer corner of your eyelids..
3. Blend!

It is minimal in the sense that when you open your eyes.. there is a hint of makeup in your crease!

Or you can even go Nude!
1. Apply a Cream eyeshadow over your lids
2. Apply a Pinkish eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyelids!
3. Finish off by using a Light Brown eyeshadow at the outer corner of your eyelids!

Coming soon : How to Pose with your friends!