Oct 23, 2008

Soft & Feminine Hairstyle

Feminine Hairstyles are all in the rage!!

It is not easy to get these looks.. well.. we don't see anyone with all these fluffy soft hair on the street.. in Japan yea...

Anyway.. The tips to get this look is :

1. Natural Long Hair (No perming or straightening)
2. Flat Brown dyed hair (Same colour through out the whole hair)
3. Heavy Fringe (Front Hair)
4. Personal Hair Curler
5. Hair Mousse and Spray

The basics of this trend is the flat brown coloured dye and the fringe.
The fringe which is your front hair.. starts from the center of the top of your head. Usually it starts near your forehead area.
So ask your stylist to create the fringe from the center of the top of your head.
and then dye your whole hair with only one colour.

As for styling.. you will need a hair curler.. to create loose waves for your hair ends and to create volume for the top of your head.
The trick is to tie half your hair up and leave half down, on one side of your shoulder. (Refer to the first picture)
The hair that you leave down have to be slightly curled.

For the hair that you tie up, you can make a messy bun adorned with a clip.. or it can be braided like above..The more hair you tie up.. the more softer the hairstyle will look.