Oct 23, 2008

MAC Limited Collection : Emanuel Ungaro

MAC Cosmetics have a new collection!!
It is designed by Fashion Designer Esteban Cortazar and Makeup Artist Sharon Dowsett.
It is another feminine and dreamy collection that is consumer targeted.

Estaban Cortazar's Fashion Collection are feminine pieces that fully make use of satin cloth's feminine property.
Let's look at the eye makeup collection first.
All the colours are very safe..it stays away from bold colours and anyone can use the pallete for their daily outings.. no professionalism required!
We love the soft pastel colours.. so girlish and the whole pallete just reminds us of flowery scented perfumes.

Due to the soft eye pallete colours, they introduced the colour base to intensify the eyeshadow pigments and blush pigments as well. It is a must buy
Sheer lipstick.. not sure if they produce any colour on your lips though.. we have not tried this out at the counter yet.

We love this colour!! Eventhough it is see thru and sheer..

Looks like nude and neutral is the look that they are selling.

Blue pencil style liner.. hmmm I wonder why blue.