Apr 28, 2009

Winner of March's Make Up Store Collection!

Hey girls..!
It is time to announce the winner of the Make Up Store Collection!

Thank you for sending in all the entries. I had a great time judging!

To be fair I am gonna evaluate some of the works that got to the final round of evaluation beforehand. I am gonna be honest here as I never delete comments that flame me in BlushBerry I wish to keep this blog as honest as possible.
For those entries that are not evaluated here, if you wanna know my evaluation do email me personally.
I will not hold back on my critiscm *evil*


Creativity: 5/10
She sent in a total of 6 entries, each varying in colour design and also lashes design.
The ones shown here are my fave.
One of the thing i like bout her design is her funky colours for brow bone colour.Now why didn't I think of that before!
However, the colours are lacking in the variations of tones, there are no dark colours or light colours, resulting in a very pale makeup.

Effort: 6/10
Why did I give 6/10 points for Effort when she sent in 6 entries.
Well. It would be 10/10 if it is quantity in QUALITY.
Actually I would also give 2 more points if those colour that flooded out of the mask is erased away in most of the entries.

The designs give a very improv' feel. I feel like she just did it on the fly without much planning or thought. As for the first picture above, the filigree on the face is a photoshop brush.
Real designers never use brushes, they painstakingly alter the brushes or pen them out one by one.

Creativity :7/10
The gloss on the lips are nicely drawn.
I like the black lashes eventhough I don't quite comprehend whether the smudges are lashes or eyeshadow.
Her colour combo is quite nice but the only thing lacking is that the lashes and brows are not as defined as I like them to be.

Effort : 7/10
What I really admire bout Yuffie is she doesn't take shortcuts. Usually people like ahem, me.. would do one eye and then copy and paste onto the other eye. but Yuffie draws each of them personally. If you enlarge the entry, you can see that she have sparkles in the eyes.
This shows that she is willing to work harder and go further than the requirements.

Originality : 7/10
I like the fact that she just uses not more than 5 colours from my pallete and just by using these 5 colours, she managed to create something eye catching!

Trisha Heah

Creativity : 5/10
For the first entry, she would have won if she had used the colours from the pallete given. She totally changed the whole colour pallete omg. As for the rest of her entries, there is too much eyeliner going on.. there is literally no colour design at all.

Effort : 9/10

She would have also won for her effort if not for one tiny little detail that she forsake. Her picture quality was quite bad, I had to photoshop them before uploading.. cleaning away blemishes and adjusting contrast. Most of them are blur and noisy as well.

Originality : 8/10
One thing bout Trisha is she is very confident in her makeup. You don't see her design anywhere else cuz she did not copy them (at least not from make up looks, maybe inspired from other stuff i dunno) and she did it on her face! Posed for the camera and mind you she sent in 4 looks, which means she make up, remove makeup then make up again repeat for 3 more times. It's painful I tell you.

Violet Passion by Ezat Nakula
Creativity : 6/10
I like the overall look but I can't say that I agree with the light brown brows and the flourescent purple cheeks. For this colour scheme, ash coloured brows and bronzed cheeks look better!

Effort :8/10
Its a great effort if you notice the lashes and the bottom lashes as well as the smudges below the bottom lashes. If you see up close, her eyeliner are dispersed and smudged.
She even added a mole!
but her downfall is her stamped lipgloss. Her lips are closed but Ezat used an opened lips brush instead. Although the leaves on the head are randomly arranged, they shouldn't be arranged in one straight line.

Originality : 7/10
Her eye makeup is awesome, too bad the brows, cheeks and lips lack the beauty to match with the eyes... Funny now that I mentioned it...something popped into my mind........nvm.

Miya Merulean
Creativity :8/10
Haha.. if u compare this to any other design, you will notice something very different bout this design. No, the eyeliner is purple but that's not what's different.
She erased the old eye shape and drew a new one in place!
but I still don't comprehend the purple eyeliner.
The whole makeup looks very ethereal like, the colours are quite well blended together.
I just dun understand why purple eyeliner..-_-

Effort :6/10
I definitely like the magenta lashes layered on top of the black ones.. next time I gotta try that!
She mirrored the left makeup onto the right makeup.. she is one of those smart people who take shortcuts. There is some colours she forgot to erase outside the mask. Other than that, the makeup looks very safe and 'normal'.

Somehow the eyemakeup looks like an eye mask. It may be accidental, but if it is intentional with bolder colour edges then it would be perfect!


Lollipop by Lee HP

Creativity :8/10
A great design needs no description I guess. It's pretty self explanatory when you know that the design is good and you can't take your eyes off it!
I love love love the lollipop concept!
It's amazing!
The only reason why I didn't give full marks is the eyes, lips, lashes and brows definition.
She is one of the few contestant who didn't use brushes for the lashes. Instead she painstakingly drew each of the lashes and brows. and um.. she is not very good at it.
but it's alright cuz her colour design and overall design make up for her lack of skills in portrait drawing!

Effort :10/10
She is the only contestant who bothered to colour the mask with a skin colour. If you do a face chart like this, it is actually wrong cuz it would mean that you need to apply bronzer all over your face!
but then again, imagine this on a white background, it may not look that good. She also shaded the nose area, painted the shadows for the face and its kinda obvious that she is very good with colours.

Originality :10/10
Um.. do i need to mention that she is the only contestant who have a pattern for the lips and cheeks? She is also bold enough to stamp a lollipop right on top of the face!
If I was here, I would have most probably send in another entry without the lollipop other than this entry.


Apr 27, 2009

Classic Doll Look


there are a few reasons why i avoided blogging these few days..
the main reason is i was being overboard during the fashion show..
I dropped from 48 kg to 39 kg.
cuz i kept working without eating or sleeping..

don't believe me?

This is the photo taken during the event. It is completely untouched by photoshop. Look at me.
(obviously i will photoshop it until i look human for the actual post)
Can you see my elbow bone jutting out?
My boobs dropped cup size. wt*
You can even see my collarbone, it's as if the skin is barely wrapping my body.
my cheeks is sunken
and i look as if i have hair loss.

and I am not even posing right! usually I will pose so that I will look thinner.. I do not even have to do that here.

How do I do tutorials when I am in such a state?

Hence I hired a producer for BlushBerry. Right now everything is scheuled, and I eat and sleep at the appropriate hour.
I was sleeping at 7 am.. waking up at 2 pm.. how crazy is that.
Now I am currently 42 kg.. still trying to put on weight.
Don't tell me that I am lucky.
My own father told me that I am ugly right in front of my face. T_T

Anyway, to celebrate the skeleton that I am..
I am still thin, sunken cheeks and all. and guess what.
I accidentally afro-ed my hair. The hair u see up above is blowdried and straightened.
there goes my hairstyling tutorials.

Anyway, no more bout me or my woes... today I am gonna show you a classic doll look.. big eyes..suitable for events or prom or costume events.
let's start!

As usual, shade 73 for brows.. for those who are still using eyebrow pencil and is wondering why my brows is softer n more natural, its because I use the pigment pallete and an angled brush!

After that, the regular shade 1 for brow bone! It is a pale whitish yellow colour btw.

Since I am gonna use alot of eyeliner today, if I pile up more eyeshadow, I will look like a panda. so go very neutral for the eyemakeup. I used shade 45 for the base. You can't see a thing in the photo cuz its the same colour as my skin. You should use the pigment closest to your skin.

After that, a slightly darker colour for the outer half of the eyelid. Shade 67..

Now comes the fun part! Line your lower lashline with white eyeliner like so.

After that, line your eyes with black eyeliner. Cover your whole crease entirely with black eyeliner. For the lower lash line, remember to line below the white eyeliner.
It may look weird here.. but from far your eyes are gonna look like....


This is how it looks like with the eyes closed.

For the cheeks.. grab swatch 31 to 75 with a blusher brush.. You can also use any orrangey pink colour.

For the lips.. remember to line them with frosty pink lipliner or nude lipliner.
Dab a dot of red lipgloss in the center and smear them all over your lips!

nightmare chick.

Ok. back to gaining weight. Gonna eat chocolate cake!!

Next post very soon...
BlushBerry Boutique is updated as well, all thanks to my new producer.
He is so hot. it makes me melt.
as if.

Apr 19, 2009

coastal scents orders

LATEST UPDATE : products is on a ship in waters reaching here already. it will take come time to clear customs n the firm date to get the products (for me to get) is on the 10th. Which means u will get yours roughly around 14/13 like that.
Those who need the palletes before that or are leaving, email me for refund. but do bear in mind that those who take the 60 bucks offer, the offer will not be valid if u decide to repurchase after i have the stock.

for those who ordered the coastal scents and are still waiting. the latest news is the palletes have not reached malaysia's shores.
i m getting increasingly frustrated by hour n second. the exact words they used was "end of the month end of the month end of the month"

i was wondering why the heck do we need to wait if the factory is local. then only today they tell me that its imported.

if you want someone to blame. which you can't. cuz its the government. the government took all the existing palletes for the national makeup academy what not. dunno what.

i do have some good news too, together along with this shipment they are bringing in some of the other palletes.. such as shimmer and what not. but i do not know what it is until i see them with my own eyes.

i will be calling them EVERYDAY to check on the palletes. i m gonna give them until the 29th.. after that i will do the biggest refund in history.
if you are worried you can reach me at itsablushberry@gmail.com

Apr 15, 2009

March Freebie : Make Up Store Summer Collection


Hey girls..

It is time for a freebie giveaway again!
Aren't yall all piped up!?

if its not working, click here
Contest ends tonight at 12.00 am
Contest ends 25th April
Alright, so here's the deal. Tomorrow I am gonna do a cover article on the launch of the Summer and Bronze Collection by Make Up Store.
The Collection will be in stores in May so this collection is limited and if you win, you will be the first one in the world to get your hands on this collection.

This collection has 11 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks and a lipgloss. It is worth let's see.. near RM 1000 I guess.

What you have to do is simple.

Just do a makeup on the face chart above. Click on the link here to get the face chart!
1. You can print it and colour with watercolour, colour pencils..markers.. anything.
2. Or you can do it using photoshop.
3. The requirements is that you must use the colours provided in the face chart. For blushers/mascara/liners/brows you can use any colours you deem appropriate.
4. When you are done either email your entry/entries to itsablushberry@gmail.com or mail them to:
61, Jalan Ketumbar,
Taman Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
5. You can send in as many entries as you like.
6. Entries will be judged on creativity, effort and originality. That means the more shocking and diverse your makeup is, the more likely you will win. Effort refers to 'how badly you want to win this collection', if you send in 500 entries of course I will let you have the collection or if you take the trouble to do it on your face instead of the face chart.
7. Entries will be uploaded here in this post.

Competition ends on April 25th 2009 according to my clock. If my clock says 11.59 am April 24th, your entry will be the last one.


Be Creative... Here is my example of an entry. I did this as an example. You can draw flowers, hearts... whatever.

Here are the leaflets of the collection and some official looks from Make Up Store.
Look out for the article tomorrow as there are looks done on a model, you might get inspiration from there too!


Summer Pink by Michelle Tan



Lollipop by Lee HP

Oceanus by Lee HP

Red by Veronica Law

Trisha Heah

Violet Passion by Ezat Nakula

Java Princess by Ezat Nakula
Miya Merulean

Enquiries/Entries please send to itsablushberry@gmail.com