Apr 19, 2009

coastal scents orders

LATEST UPDATE : products is on a ship in waters reaching here already. it will take come time to clear customs n the firm date to get the products (for me to get) is on the 10th. Which means u will get yours roughly around 14/13 like that.
Those who need the palletes before that or are leaving, email me for refund. but do bear in mind that those who take the 60 bucks offer, the offer will not be valid if u decide to repurchase after i have the stock.

for those who ordered the coastal scents and are still waiting. the latest news is the palletes have not reached malaysia's shores.
i m getting increasingly frustrated by hour n second. the exact words they used was "end of the month end of the month end of the month"

i was wondering why the heck do we need to wait if the factory is local. then only today they tell me that its imported.

if you want someone to blame. which you can't. cuz its the government. the government took all the existing palletes for the national makeup academy what not. dunno what.

i do have some good news too, together along with this shipment they are bringing in some of the other palletes.. such as shimmer and what not. but i do not know what it is until i see them with my own eyes.

i will be calling them EVERYDAY to check on the palletes. i m gonna give them until the 29th.. after that i will do the biggest refund in history.
if you are worried you can reach me at itsablushberry@gmail.com