Oct 28, 2008

Basic MakeUp Series IV : Shading your Brows

Last week we talked about the correct way to apply eyeshadow.. if you missed it click on the Read More in the Table of Contents above to read the whole series..

Today we are going to talk about shading your brows.. we will get into the brows grooming part soon in another series.. this series is just on makeup.

For shading your eyebrows.. you can either use :
1. Brow Pencil
2. Brow brush + brow colour pallete

for a softer and more natural look, you should use the 2nd option.. but if your eyebrows are already thick and well defined by itself just use a brow pencil and fill in the missing areas.

For this tutorial we use Make Up Store's Tri Brow Colour

Here goes!

Next up: How to apply blusher!