Sep 25, 2008

Make Up Looks : Pigment Set

  • Hey girls.. thank you to all of you who bought the pigment set!
  • As a token of appreciation, below are a few looks I did to inspire yall!!
  • It is still not too late for those who want to buy the pigment set.
  • Only going for RM 80. A whole pallete of eyeshadow, blusher and shimmer for grabs.

This is the colour codes for all the looks below.. Enjoy!!

Oh. In case any of you is wondering. The fake eyelashes I am wearing is from Inouvi.
Their eyelashes is soft and VERY natural.
I bought the one that comes with 4 short lashes.. They are not maximum length lashes, instead this lashes only encompass the 3rd half of your lash line.

Ocean's Wine..
A tropical look.. suitable for a sunny day stroll on the beach or outdoor shopping..
Pair this with colourful apparel or a hot bikini.

A subtle smokey eye make up that emphasizes the crease of your eyelid.
Not a heavy make up look.
Can be for day or night.. Just use more colours for the night out.
Its important to add some highlight shimmer in the middle to give your eyes a 3D look.
Pair this with metallic coloured clothings like bronze, silver or gold.

Putting too much. hehe. couldn't resist. I like it anyway..
Remember to go easy on the eyeliner if you try this. Heavy coloured lids should be emphasized with nice curly lashes.
Pair this look with a single coloured attire. (all black/all white) Try not to have many colours in your apparel or you will look like a paint pot instead of a treasure pot!

Gothic MakeUp.. for rainy and moody days..
Also for days when you have no time to spend on makeup.
Lid your eyes with eyeliner. Lots of them.
Go easy on your lips.. nude or light glossy lips is nice.
Pretty girls : Nice when paired with caps/beanies/hats with sports apparel
Gothics : What are you waiting for? Go for all black with white strips. The whole thang baby!!!

Looks good on fair people.. I am quite tanned.. can't really pull off this look.
try this if you are fair and bold.
Will make your eyes pop and snatch the attention away from your other prettier friends. ahem.
Looks good when paired with corporate clothings, Pointy skyscraper heels please!

A very soft and feminine look for the ladies..
Bring in your laces and transparent soft scarves!
Going to a wedding? Try this!
Don't wear this with colourful clothings.. Whites and beiges and neutrals looks nice with this.

For a cocktail pool party!
Pair this with slinky sexy outfits that shimmers and shines!
Glossy juicy lips please!
Lots of bronzes too... let your hair loose!

For the night over at your best girlfriend's house.
Can't get clothes to fit you? Wear garb with this makeup and you will still look good!
Old singlet? Oversized pjs? Torn jeans?
Its alright as long as you mesmerize those around you with these eyes!

MakeUp Phobia? Try the nude look.
Good for the famous and respected who does not want to have adventurous makeups.
Pair this with anything and still look classy.
Wear some accessories to replace the lack of colours in your look!
Remember to use lots of concealers and groom your brows.
Plain lips with lip balm together with chunky earrings should do it!

Thanks for reading!
Oh. Those interested in buying the pigment set.. clickies.
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