Sep 23, 2008

Free MakeOver

  • Interested in getting a free makeover by Make Up Store's makeup artist?

Make Up Store is a cosmetic range imported from Sweden. It was created by a male model.
What impresses us about Make Up Store is that their products is medicinal, skin safe and their range of colours is very broad.
Their eyeshadow is DAMN pigmented. SUPERB.

Mika Liias.. The creator of Make Up Store
We love them so much.. remember our consolation prizes we sent out 2 copies of Make Up Store's Magazines to our winners?
Since then we have been in talks with Make Up Store.

And you know what the best thing is?
We managed to score a collaboration with Make Up Store for you girls!
This is just a start. This free makeover is just a start.

Anyway, more bout this makeover. This makeover is totally FREE. You do not have to buy their products. Everything is given and advised by their Top Make Up artist.

Wait. There's More!
They are even throwing in a Lip Spa and an Eye Treatment for the lucky winner.

Ok.. Now we know... you girls.. some of yall are shy to be photographed and have your photos posted here.
I know it is harsh for us to force you girls to have your photos posted here.

So. We have decided that we will still take photos.
we will not post ANY of your photos in BlushBerry until you give us your permission to do so. You may even choose to let us post your After photo only.

Good deal?
We just love you girls so much. Show us some love in return la. pls.

  • Interested in getting a free makeover by Make Up Store's makeup artist?

    Make Up Store is so nice that they are also giving away an eye care and lip spa for you during the makeover!

  • Drop us a comment about your thoughts on Make Up Store.

    Best comment wins!
    Remember to include your email!
    Contest ends 1st October!