Oct 29, 2008

Female Hairloss : Disease of the City Girl

There is no denying that women nowadays are working harder and more hectic than men.. as a result.. our health is affected.
One of the problems is hair loss.
For us ladies.. our hair does not go bald by location.. like men.
When we lose our hair, the whole scalp of hair gets thinner and thinner in general.

How to know if you are losing hair?
1. Brush your whole head with your fingers.. collect all the fallen hair..Don't panic if the amoutn of hair exceeds 35 strands.
2. Brush your hair again and again.. if your fallen hair exceeds 5 strands each time...you are facing hair loss and scalp health problems.
3. Another way is to compare your crown hair with your nape hair. If your hair on your crown is less than your nape hair.. you need to begin hair loss treatment immediately.

There are a few reasons that could cause hair loss:

1. Excessive Weight Loss Diet / Irregular Meal Times
Do you know that 30% of women who experienced hair loss are between 20 and 30 years old?
And did you ever notice that people who are stick thin tend to have less hair?
Food that are good for hair : Fish, Nuts, Food with Protein, zinc, copper, iron etc
Food that causes hair loss : Food without those elements such as vegetables, fruits, flour

So when you go on a diet and just consume vegetables non stop, you are actually causing your hair to fall!

2. Frequent Usage of Computers for a Long Period of Time
Do you know that if you are always in front of the computer, your hair drops at a higher rate?
When you are in front of the computer for a long period of time.. be if gaming or surfing.. you need more and more concentration ..when that happens.. it triggers off the Endocrine Function Disorder.. which will eventually lead to brittle and thin hair.. and you hair breaks off much more easily.

Solutions in managing Hair Loss
1. Lots of Water + Sleep
2. Regular Healthy Meals
3. Less time in front of the PC
4. Hair Loss shampoo / treatment