Oct 21, 2008

Basic MakeUp Series III : Applying Eyeshadow the Right Way

Last week we talked about preparing your face using foundation+concealer+pressed powder and the likes.. if you have missed it or any posts you can click on the Read More button above in the Table of Contents post!

Well.. usually after having a flawless prepared face, we will go right into eye makeup..
The steps are like these:

1. Preparing your face - foundation+concealer+powder
2. Eye Make up
3. Eyebrows
4. Blusher
5. Bronzer/Contouring
6. Lips
7. You have Graduated!! From now on, we will show tutorials of different looks.. mainly eye makeup and blush+lip colour.

Eye make up is the most diverse and difficult of all stages as the look of your face is determined largely by your eye makeup.
Today we are just going to show the basics of how to apply eyeshadow.. in two tones..
No matter how many tones you are using or what style.. the basics of the technique is the same.

Before we go into the tutorial... let's go through all the do's and don'ts

Don't use the tip and swipe left to right.
You know its wrong when you can see one swipe of colour and another swipe of your skin next like above. This is the wrong technique.. (Our pigment looks is somewhat like this as we are just exploring colors and showing the possibilities.. so we just showed the combination of colors without the proper technique ^^ Our bad.. sorry)

The correct way is like this.. the colour is very thick near to the lashes.. slowly dissipating up into the skin.. like a SMOKEY effect. that's how the word comes about.
You have to blend and blend and blend. well obviously, to get this effect you first start by applying the colours near your lashes and then move up to your brow area...slowly blending off the colours.

In this tutorial we will use Make Up Store's eyeshadows..

Satin Microshadow :Brow Bone area
Ginger Leaf Cybercolour : first colour
Crystal Queen Microshadow : Shadow colour
The colour is actually dark midnight blue.. the photo is just a photo of the product :)

The technique on how to do it is like below :

Next up : How to shade your eyebrows