Aug 31, 2008

Online Boutique : Js Fashion

Clothes imported right from Taiwan!

  • After surfing in both the english and chinese community forums, I have found us a treasure!!
  • Clothes imported right from Taiwan, in an unimaginable quality and price too!!
  • Almost all the clothes are below RM30/USD 15
  • If you are interested go to this page (in chinese language) or a friendlier photo gallery
  • Email or msn Elsa at to buy! Remember to quote BlushBerry ( we do not get commissions from the transactions, it just pleases us to know that we helped a business grow!)
  • ps. I, myself have ordered 10 pieces already.. hehe.. can't wait for them to arrive!
Here are some of the clothes from the catalogue!

Pretty aren't they? They really do bring out the feminine side in you.. and they are OH SO DIRT CHEAP!!