Aug 31, 2008

Give yourself a makeover without any cosmetics!

Have you ever wanna try on every MAC, Loreal, Stila lipstick or eyeshadow shade but find yourself too broke to even afford a lip balm??

Have you ever bought make up but end up regretting the colour or the shade that comes up?

Then you are among us!!

Now you can try on any cosmetics or make up at the click of your mouse!
You can give yourself a makeover or try cosmetics on before going to the mall to purchase them!

Oh .. its free by the way..

I did an experiment with this secret (which I am gonna tell you soon.. hehe). i took a photo of myself sans make up with an idiotic grin.. I looked really horrible.. and the transformation is amazing!

Here are the stuff you get to do..
1. apply foundation
2. apply concealer

3. apply lipstick, lipliner and gloss
4. apply eyeshadow
5. thin your eyebrows ( they can't fill in ur brows unfortunately)

6. wear coloured contacts (YES!!!!!)
7. change your hairstyle
8. mascara and fake lashes
9. blusher


here are some more before and after photos before I tell you all about the free tool. Free. i swear. no scam.

and here are one of the many many cosmetics they have for you to try on.

Wanna give yourself a makeover? Follow the easy steps at their website!..
Go to to completely transformed yourself

WARNING : Addiction probability is very high!

Send us your makeover photos!!