Aug 31, 2008

Make up Tutorial : Smoky Eyes with Nude Lips

"Make up tutorial Video at the end of this post"

  • Smoky eye make up are the most basic type of eye make up as every girl out there is bound to try it on quite often in her life.
  • It differs slightly from Gothic Make up, it is a more subtle and elegant technique compared to the dramatic and bold Gothic Make up.
  • Smoky eyes can really draw attention to yourself, especially if you are in a photo among your friends. Those that look at the photos will be drawn straight to you!
  • It is definitely not for the faint hearted.. but of course, you can tone it down to make it suit yourself more.

  • Here are some photos of really nice smoky eyes :

  • It is not that hard to achieve their look. You just need 3 shades of any colour from light to a dark colour(close to black) and the finishing look is the touch of a black liquid eyeliner.
  • You MUST remember to go easy on your lower lid, or it will be too much resulting in a gothic look or worse, a punching bag look!

  • See how easy it is to slip into the gothic look just by overdoing the lower lid?
  • So, remember if you are attempting this look, only apply eyeliner on the lower lid + a weeeeeee bit of the darkest shade at the corner.

  • One thing fun about smoky eyes is that you can define your eyes into interesting shapes.
    You can attempt the cat eye look. or the doe eye look to make your eyes look bigger. or you can do a minimal smoky eye look by just using 3 shades of eyeliner, instead of eyeshadow.

    What about nude lips?
  • If you look at the photos above, the gothic looks are bold and dramatic. Smoky eyes + Dark lips. Wow.
    The smoky eyes one however, creates a balance of focus on the face. Is the focus on your eyes or your lips now? or is it on the entire face?
  • It is one of the make up rules to never draw attention to more than one feature of your face.
  • Therefore, using a nude coloured lipstick to compliment your smoky eyes can really draw attention to your eyes while keeping everything neat and well groomed.

  • Nude lips involves two steps, if you just apply the lipstick you may find that your lips are not properly defined and you look as if there is a blank space replacing your mouth!
  • So you need a nude lipliner, nude lipstick and also a gloss to pull off the look.
  • You start with the nude lipliner, making sure your lips are well defined. Then you fill in with the lipstick and lastly, the gloss to make sure your lips are not one. flat. colour.

The easy steps to achieve this look is in this video below.

Definitely a blushberry to try!
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