Aug 29, 2008

Online Boutique : Shopaholics Unite!

peddlers of fine, irresistible & unbelievably affordable clothing

Shopaholics Unite! is is one of the pioneers in the online boutique business. They are based in Malaysia and they have fare well so far in the industry.

Their choice of clothes are very retro. Stripes and bold colours are their signature. Their choices range from shoes, accessories to clothing of every nature!

Their marketing is not only restricted to online customers but they hold shopaholics parties now and then. Alot of bloggers in Malaysia love Shopaholics Unite cuz it's new, fun and snappy!

We personally love Shops.U because they are friendly when dealing with customers and their innovative way of marketing have impressed us as well! Oh, and we love love love the way they describe their clothes too!

Here are some of their clothes!

Try your hand at online shopping in Shopaholics Unite!

Remember to quote us when you are ordering from them! (No commission for us, it just pleases us if we know we helped their business grow!)

Much Love and Thankies..