Sep 23, 2008

Online Boutique : Milky Cottage

Milky Cottage
Milk is Good For You!

Last few posts, we talked about having style... and inserting your own personality into your online boutique.
We have found the perfect example for this!

All the clothes are digitally propped on a toothpick in front of a vintage polka dot background.
It gives a very vintage and feminine soft look to your clothes.

Following the theme of her blog : Milky Cottage focuses on promoting her clothes around food and table cloths..
We just adore her concept!

And. we also talked about cropping out faces. Instead of cropping out faces, you can hide you hide with caps/hats or your face with scarfs and that is what she did!
The important point in doing this is that you must do it with style or your audience will just feel uncomfortable looking at your photos.
And did it with style she did!

She can pose too!
We love her bold personality.