Sep 22, 2008

High Heels...what to wear & what to avoid!

First, there are a few types of heels and below are a few types which we commonly buy.
  • Strappy heels
  • Pumps
  • Peep-toes
  • Pointy heels

Well, what should we wear & what should we avoid wearing or even buying!!

  • Strappy heels
Strappy heels are nice to wear only when there are nice accessories on it. BUT, those with nice accessories can only be worn to events and functions. Well that again depends on what type of strap and how thick it is. Well, below are a few examples of which you SHOULD NOT buy!

Notice how pronounced the veins look in this photo?

A classic example of too much straps can tangle your knots.

Black strappy sandals are difficult to choose as they seldom look good especially when the straps are very thin.

More thin straps.. go for thicker straps. the thicker the better.
Thin straps snap easily, they bend and look older too when they are new.

It is a basic concept of when you put a big apple next to a cherry, the apple looks big due to the size contrast.
When you wear thin straps, they make your feet look bigger!
Even when you feet is thin, don't forget all the veins that you are showing.

See how old and unsightly the straps look. Their shape never stays.
  • Strappy heels like these makes your feet look ugly & if you have a broad feet, it will make it look even broader.
  • Plus, if your veins will be more obvious and in order to wear strappy heels.
  • If your nails is not groomed, this is a very bad way to show them off.
However, here are some types of strapy heels with accessories which you can buy.
Nice straps adorned with jewels can give you a very nice arabian look..

Accessories are good as a camouflage to cover your veins and the broadness of your feet. However, you cannot wear them as often as you want as they are more catered to functions and events.

Strapy heels like this is a NO NO. This is because, the ankle strap will make your ankle look bigger if your ankle bone is big. Plus, it is uncomfortable when you walk for a hours.
Now, if you want to wear strapy heels, avoid buying those which has a pointy base like the one in the picture. This will make your toes short even though it is not!



Look for flat coloured pumps with rounded tips.

A hot raised and covered pump is the 'in' thing nowadays.

Gold, bronze and silver are the hot goods nowadays... but get them in flat colour. No patterns..

Peep toes looks great too!

Look at the shoe in the background, the heels are open in the middle.
This opening can enhance the shape of your feet, teasing your onlooker.

The middle is opened again. Shiny patent leathers look good.

Another raised slight peep toe

This type of pointy heels are good when paired with jeans that reached to your feet.

Why does this shoe looks good?
It a direct shape contrast.
It looks almost like an L shape.
The pointed front is long plus the heel is damn high.
that means, your feel is raised at an almost 90 degree angle.
This type of shoes looks great, but you have to get a comfortable pair.

  • These type of heels will make your feet look SEXIER & SLIMMER!
  • It will also make you look more elegant when your walk as your veins are not so obvious.
  • The Plus point about these type of heels are YOU CAN WEAR THEM EVERYDAY! not only on special occasions.
  • PLUS POINTS to look even greater when you wear peep-toes heels, paint your nails!


    This is because, it makes you look like a "Aunty".
    So ladies, always remember to choose your shoes properly.
However ladies, always remember to,
Feel comfortable with the shoes you are wearing because when you feel comfortable walking in those heels, you will look more elegant & confident.

What ever shoes that fits your feet nicely, those are the shoes that will make your feet look gorgeous.