Sep 26, 2008

Hairstyling Tutorials : PurseBuzz

  • Its been a while since we last featured any youtube artists.. it has even been longer since we last feature any hairstyling tutorials!
  • Today we show both of them at one go!

  • Introducing PurseBuzz from Youtube.. BlushBerry has already gotten the permission to put her videos here ages ago but we have been so busy getting all the cosmetic deals for you guys we totally forgotten about ALOT of things that we should be paying attention to. :(

  • Ok, lets go right into it shall we?

    Here is a ponytail pouffy look. The right way to do any ponytail.. If you think ponytails are how schoolgirls do it then you are mistaken!

    An Ayumi Hamasaki wavy curls resemblance..
    We love to show more hairstyling tutorials but right now, all our hair is short.. Anyone wanna donate their long hair for the greater good?
    Email us at

A really vintage look. Pair this with gloves and eat scones with butter while drinking english tea!

Another wavy hair tutorial!

A wedding or event hairdo tutorial. Now you can do it yourself at home instead of spending hundreds at the saloon!

Oh.. Check out PurseBuzz for more Hairstyling and Makeup Tutorials!