Sep 26, 2008

Halloween Looks : The YouTube Way!

  • Next week, we will be putting up some Halloween makeup looks the BlushBerry way but for those who couldn't wait to try, here are some looks and tutorials from YouTube!
  • Oh, since we will be shooting the Halloween looks soon yall can request for some looks that yall already have in mind and we can see what we can do about it!

  • Um.. no scary makeups here.. no skeletons or adbominations.. don't worry..

Peacock Eyes Tutorial.. You will need some black gemstones for this look.
This look centers around the eyes only. For bold looks that are more dramatic read on!

Panacea brings us the fairy eye look. You will need a black liquid eyeliner.
This look centers around the eyes in a wider space.. If this is not dramatic enough for you read on!

An even more dramatic fairy look. You will need lots of colourful gems for this look.
This looks centers around the eyes and up until the forehead.

This is a really beautiful look by Amy from AskMeMakeUp..
A mermaid look that encompasses your eyes up to your hairline. So beautiful!

This is a makeup that encompasses your whole face. It is a beautiful rendition of an butterful angel or fairy. You will need body makeup to get this look, lots of colours.. if you have expensive makeup, you might consider buying cheaper makeup to get this look.

This is a darker look that also covers the whole face. Medusa themed.. Don't worry.. nothing scary..

Next week we will show our very own Halloween looks!