Sep 4, 2008

Make up Tutorials : Horoscope Make Up Looks!

Remember Leesha from the XSparkage Youtube channel?
We especially love her horoscope make up tutorials we thought we will list them all here!
It is not complete yet.. but we will post each one as they are uploaded!

So here it is.. The 6 Horoscope Looks that Leesha shared with us!

For Loving Leos.. here is a make up look for you to try!

and romantic Librans....

To all the beautiful Scorpions out there..

For Imaginative Cancer...

Shy Virgos, time to step up!

...No jokes this time, sagitarrius

and the latest one, ambitious Capricorns

coming soon...Aquarius..Pisces.. Aries..Taurus and Gemini..
All in BlushBerry..
Stay tuned!