Sep 4, 2008

Make up Tutorials : Enkore

  • We are proud to present to you our make up artist today, Enkore from Youtube.
  • His make up tutorials stand out among all the make up artists in youtube due to his creativity. Not creativity in designing new and fantastic make up looks, no.
  • He stands out due to his Do-It-Yourself make up tutorials.

  • For example, here he shares with us how we can make our very own custom shade lip gloss!
    It is safer than lipgloss you buy out there which contains alcohol, they dry your lips. Other than that, there are all sorts of bad chemicals in lip glosses

  • or have you been to a MAC store, to find tubes of pigments.. only to buy it and discover that its loose powdery pigments.. how to use???
    Well, either you get the liquid that they have to dissolve it into a wet eyeshadow/blush/lipstick..
    or you press it into a pressed eyeshadow/blush.
    or you use some other random liquid to dissolve it, like me.. haha.. but that's not recommended.
    Koren here, teaches us how to press the loose pigments into a compact make up!

  • I am sure if you are just starting to use make up, you'll be horrified at all the tutorials you find in BlushBerry, because we have SO many products, SO many brushes, SO many sponges.. and everything is SO expensive... well.. fret not..
    Did you know that instead of buying make up brushes which is very costly, you can opt for painting brushes instead?

  • If you lack sleep due to assignments or overtime work, you'll find that the more make up you put on your face, the more tired you look. Find out the right way to conceal your eyebags in this tutorial.

  • and finally, BlushBerry's favourite because we are so artsy fartsy.
    We totally fell in love with his tutorial on face charts!!!
    We are already contemplating on changing the whole blog design based on face charts...
    seriously... its so fun!

    Do you love Koren? See more of his tutorials at his famous youtube channel!