Sep 4, 2008

2008 Upcoming Fashion Shows

  • There are a few upcoming fashion shows that you girls should take note of...
  • Well, the first one is M-IFW, Malaysia International Fashion Week.
    As you know, this is like our only BIG fashion thing every year. And every year, local designers strut their designs on stage. Students from Lim Kok Wing and Cenfad will be participating in all the awards competition.

    Well.. this year's theme is "Trend Asia 2009" and will be held on November 22nd til the 30th. Its very very near.. a month away or so..

  • As far as I know, all of us (including me) dislike supporting local events.. but I have decided to change.. and I hope that you girls can take a chance with this event too..
    If we don't support the future of our country, who is gonna do it?

  • Another Fashion week that is coming up is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Now this sounds prestigious? Imported vehicle fashion week.. lots of cars to attracts guys.. lots of models and fashion for us girls!
  • It will be on the 5th of September til the 12th of September..which is TOMORROW!!
    Expect lots of updates on that girls!

  • List of designers include Anna Sui, DKNY, Miss Sixty, Vivienne Tam, Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Ralph Lauren and much more! WOOT!

  • Last but not least is the London Fashion Week which will be on the 14th September til the 19th.
    I told you it is an exciting month!
    • We are looking forward to seeing Stella McCartney's Collection! Remember all her designs in the Women Adidas?? Its HEAVEN. Expensive but what would I GIVE just to wear any of them.

      Just by doing a Stella McCartney collection, Nike Women's collection went poof out of my 'Dream Collection' list.
    • You can see the all of her collection here!
      If you are feeling generous donate a Stella McCartney to us!
      (Sorry.. couldn't help myself :D)