Sep 4, 2008

Paris Couture Fall 2008

  • The heart of fashion brings us the Couture Fall 2008 collection.
  • The very selective fashion collection features only 8 designers. So if you are in it, you are definitely the IT designer in the fashion industry.
  • Armani Prive, Dior, Roland Mouret, Chanel, Elie Saab, Valentino, Christian Lacroix and Jean Paul Gaultier dazzle us all with their magnificent design that make us question, "Is fashion at the hands of this artisans, or is fashion at the hands of their names?
  • One murmur of the word, Valentino.. a girl's eyes lit up with the brightest of stars embedding in her imploring visage and as quickly as it appear, the look changed to a surrender : knowing that someone like her could never own such a treasure.

  • But. we can still look. We can't buy or wear, we can still look!
    Find out which is BlushBerry's favourite!

    Ladies, I present to you Paris Couture Fall 2008.

Armani Prive

Sleek futuristic colourless designs that is both timeless and classy all at once.
Do i detect high waisted pants?
Kill me please.. pray don't let that trend come back...

Straight cut pants, short enough to expose our heels.
What a strict design!
The art of the design lies in the infamous cutting of each piece that defines the shape of our body.
Definitely a typical "The clothes is wearing you" situation.

Can't say I agree with the pants design.. it is disturbing me.. Nightmares of loose high waisted pants is in my head now.

The perfect example of a fashion design using only lines to define its shape and volume.
Try to imagine, without the black lines.. it would be a white piece of nothingness.
What ingenuousness!

What did I tell you about see thru's being back?
They ARE back!

An expertly crafted design that it is impossible to wear for normal people like us.
It is an art, an one-time piece of art.

We adore the hat, elegantly sided to the right!
As usual, Dior's play with volume astounds us all.. Look at the see thru dress, top with a balloon liked structure and the shoulder pad design.
Voluminous design.

A classic recipe of lace and see through fabric. No surprises here.

Leopard prints?? Grand design, definitely but again the voluminous design makes it unpractical.

Roland Mouret

We love the origami designs by Roland Mouret.. how he folds the fabric to create or accentuate our feminine curves while adhering to his simple monotonous designs.

If you are a fan of origami clothes like this.. Roland Mouret should be your idol..
Origami designs are best printed in one colour in order for them to be timeless.

It is just such a pleasure to watch how his clothes fold.. both natural folds and structured folds..

If you can grasp the concept, you'll love his designs like we do.. the colourless designs that is both bold and a "complicated" simple design.

I wonder how they will look on curvy women.

We love his heels too.. the thick strap and the pointed tips. Amazing!

There's a reason why we love to see Karl Lagerfeld's design, they are over-exaggerated pieces that screams "CONCEPTUAL". Every little detail is perfectly staged, the fabric, the make up, the choice of models, the hair, colours, background. Everything!

The top looks like a raincoat, while the bottom looks like an umbrella upside down. As much as I love Chanel and the intelligence of the concept in his designs.. they can get so caught up in the design process they forget that they are humouring us in the end.

We love this rose inspired design with inflated bottom. I wouldn't mind wearing this at all!

If you just randomly see this picture off the net without knowing its Chanel.. what would you think.. it brings back the question to us.
"Is fashion at the hands of this artisans, or is fashion at the hands of their names?
This is a typical example that their name is supporting the design itself.

Now this don't look too bad, I am even adapting to the head piece.

Can't say I agree with the dress cutting that is showing off the design more than our curves.
We wear clothes, not the other way round.

Christian Lacroix

(if i curse, i'll lose my sponsors)

what in the world is going on?
The colours? The designs? MASKS??

It looks like a cut and paste project.

Can I not do this anymore.

Oh god. speechless.

Jean Paul Gaultier
Now, we all know that JPG's designs are very psychedelic.. so it kinda prepares us mentally for what is to come..

Bold bold designs.. sigh

I am just gonna keep quiet until i see something i like.

More transparent fabric.. a sexy and ethereal rendition close to a sleeping gown that can just melt any men's heart!

This is odd.. maybe they are trying something new!
I love the cutting.. It hides. I love it.

The stuff dreams are made of. The perfect red dress.

We love this! The odd sleeve design is mesmerizing!

A safe design that all girls love.. :)

I love this! the fabric trail.. and the embroidery..

Finally I bring you Blushberry's favourite!
Elie Saab

Its difficult to use texture such as these and turn it into an elegant piece without it looking like trash. but this is... marvellous. It stands out among all the designers..due to the use of layering.. the classic ball gown look.

Once again, Elie uses "dirty" fabric as the lower half.. it looks good honestly..Imagine if the whole dress is this fabric.. how bad it would be.
but no! Elie paired it with a textured blue tube that turns the whole design around!

We can practically imagine Charlize Theron in this dress for one of her events.
It takes a woman to wear an Elie Saab.
Not for little girls and giggly ladies.

If you notice the hairstyle.. its especially voluminous because they are trying to balance the overall composition. So remember girls, if you are going to wear an exquisite ball gown like these, big hair is the way to go!

An origami piece by Elie Saab... I don't quite agree with the choice of fabric but I am sure he has his reasons..

That concludes our cover on the Paris Couture Fall 2008!