Nov 5, 2008

Makeup Looks : School Girl

We all love the days when our skin is baby smooth and looking good without makeup.
For schoolgirls in Malaysia, they are not allowed to have makeup on their face but I remembered from my schooling days... EVERYONE is using lipbalm or lipgloss. They buffed their nails and have all sorts of cool remedies just to look a little better than their friends!

Today, we show you how you can cheat(if you are a school girl) without getting caught and for graduates.. we show you how you can get back your look during your schooling days.

1. For schoolgirls, you can skip this part.
Graduates, listen up!
Laura Mercier Camouflage
Apply concealer to these areas :
Side of your nose, around your lips, eyebags, eyelids and pimples if any

Shu Uemura Loose Powder
Schoolgirls start here:
After the concealer, pat on some loose powder over your face.

Shu Uemura Seal Brown Brow Pencil
Fill in the sparse areas of your brows.. try to refrain from having a strong outline.
For SchoolGirls.. you can skip this part if your brows are thick, but for those who have sparse brows... try to fill in only the empty areas.

Benefit's Benetint
This product is really good. The results are very natural and can be used for your cheek and lips as well.
Draw some lines across your cheeks and blend with your fingertips.
It looks very natural and gives your cheeks a very subtle blush.
After that dot abit on your lips and blend it in.. This gives some color to the lips in case it is pale or discolored.

After that, apply Lip Ice Sheer Colour over your lips.. it is a lip balm that enhances the redness of your lips!

Tada!!! A very neutral and bare look!
Great remedy for schoolgirls too!