Nov 6, 2008

Japanese Makeup Brand: Jill Stuart Autumn Collection

Jill Stuart is one of Japan's top selling cosmetic line..It is often compared with Anna Sui in terms of product quality and also packaging design. I think there are some singapore online shops that sell Jill Stuart cosmetics if you are interested.. :D

Anyway.. this is her Fall Collection:

I dunno why but I find cosmetics like Stila, Benefit and Jill Stuart.. those Victorian Feminine design... their pallete is always on the sweet pinkish side..
Seriously.. how many shades of pink can there be in the world!!
Pink with yellow base... or red base.. or purple base.. or brown base.. maybe over 300 shades.. but these type of pallete are very consumer friendly.. easy to use, easy to mix and match and the result most probably are good too!