Oct 7, 2008

Free MakeOver Winner!

Few weeks ago, we posted a contest for a free makeover + lip spa + eye treatment for a lucky winner.. and now we have chosen our lucky winner!

The winner is Chian Li!

"Am I too late to join this? I hope not... anyway..

'Make Up Store' is a name that is pretty new to me. I've only seen it on the papers once. Not even the shop itself. But, the website is already enough to impress me.

The monotonous tones reflects the individualism of the brand. It fits my makeup motto perfectly, whereby we should not follow the makeup trend blindly, but to incorporate that into the style that is the most suitable for each and everyone of us. We are all unique anyway :)

Apart fron that, the product range is just...WOW...amazingly wide! Each being named with a unique title. I am sure that everyone will be able to find 'the' colours that they have been looking for. Everyone always has 'the' colour that has been lacking in their makeup case, right?"

We will follow up with photos and info about the makeover