Oct 7, 2008

Basic tools for baking

1. Mixer - it does not matter if you use a hand mixer or an electronic mixer so don't be fooled by the salesman when they say electronic mixer is better. A hand mixer cost about RM 75 - 100. An electronic mixer cost about RM 350 to 2500 (depending on the brand and usage).

2. Weighing scales

3. Spatula - is good to get different sizes of spatula so that it is convenient when your handling things or items which are small sizes.

4. Measuring spoon - when you purchase a set of measuring spoon, make sure that the measurements are stated clearly so that you wont get confuse with the measurements. Some measuring spoon does not state the measurements. So be careful when you buy. It will be much easier when you have the right measurements.

5. Pastry bags - you can get pastry bags from the baking shop. It does not have to be cloth material. The one shown in the picture above are plastic material.

6. Pastry tip - pastry tip(s) are very useful for making decorations. Depending on the tip, you can make roses, leaves, heart shapes and etc. There are different sizes as well. So choose the sizes according to the size of your cake.

7. Sieve - a metal sieve is recommended because you can wash the grease off easily.

8. Grease paper - the grease paper comes in big pieces. You can cut it into half or sizes according to what you need.
Tips: When weighing the butter, you can place a sheet of grease paper on the scale so that it will not be oily and difficult to wash.

Another useful tip when baking is use hot water to wash or rinse all the utensils which are oily. The grease or oily will come off easily. =]

Well ladies, now you are ready to start baking. Baking is fun! You can do it with your girlfriends or your family members when you have time to spare.