Oct 6, 2008

Basic MakeUp Series I : Are You Beautiful?

Hey yall, this is a new series that we are starting.
We are going to explore Makeup from scratch, that means whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is something for you in every post in the series.

Today we are going to talk about what makes a woman beautiful. The makeup that you are going to use is going to make you prettier, so you need to know WHAT is pretty? HOW can you become prettier? ARE you pretty?

What Makes a Woman Beautiful?
  • It is not necessarily big eyes, fair skin, straight thin nose and small lips ( in Asian culture)
    big eyes, tanned skin, straight thin nose and full lips ( in Western culture)
  • Whether you are pretty or not depends on the proportions of your features, namely your face, eyes, nose and lips.

    Rules of Proportions
  • No bents!
  • No crooks!
  • The shape is symmetrical ( eg : mouth is the same left n right, both eyes has the same height and shape, nose is straight...etc)
  • The space between your face features are reasonably apart..

    Look at the photo above of Jessica Alba, applying Stephen Marquardt's face mask which proportionate beauty, we have the image below
This is the mask of beauty. The closer your face follow the mask proportions, the more beautiful you are. If you see above, her eyebrows and mouth are not within confinements of their respective guides.

As an experiment, we adjusted her face to the mask.

Does she look better here?
This is for your comparison. Judge yourself!

Well, if you want to know if you are beautiful, just take a frontal photo of your face and match it to this mask!

Here is some examples of really beautiful people on Earth!
Gemma Ward, International Model

Zhang Ziyi, International Actress

MakeUpThe reason for the mask above is to show you your face's flaws and beauty.
  • Obviously, when you pluck your brows, it is best to follow this guide.
  • Same goes for apply lipliner and lipstick
  • Of course, contour your face according to this blushline as well
  • As you can see, makeup is for REPAIRING flaws of your beauty
  • Once you have this concept in mind, everytime u does your makeup you will look better and better!
Next up : Preparing the Canvas : Foundation and Concealers