Oct 10, 2008

BlushBerry Bash! : Gorgeous Wear

1. Minimal Filigree
A sweet tube dress that flows around your body in a lightweight material!
Size : Fits Small to Medium
Color : Pink, White, Black
Stock : One per colour
Price : RM 40
Status : Available

A gorgeous print design that is big and bold!

Elastic tube top that stays put above your chest with no danger of falling down!

The white one is more refreshing as it reflects light up to your body and makes you look fairer.

Each different colour comes with different floral design.

The black Minimal Filigree gives a very slimming look to your body compared to the other two above.

Special Note : The dress is a breezy sort that billows when the is wind just like bubble dress!

2. Polka Buttons
A low cut sweet and sexy summer dress that goes perfectly well with sunglasses and a glass of iced tea!
Size : Fits Small to Medium
Color : Black, Cyan and Navy Blue
Stock : One per colour
Price : RM 35
Status : Available

This polka dot dress has a line of buttons that accentuates the womanly curves you have!

The dress's floor design is a Hawaiian floral montage that makes you look younger and more feminine.

Not as sexy as the black, the navy blue Polka Button has a more English look to it due to the colour. Doesn't it reminds you of aprons and a warm cottage?

The cyan blue version of the Polka Button is even less formal than the other two colours and goes well on a day to the beach with flip flops and a straw bag!

3. Rugged Gypsy
A dress that can be both worn as a skirt or a tube dress. This piece of versatile clothing comes with a ribbon sash that allows you to transform it into a dress or a skirt!
Size : Free Size
Color : Swamp Green
Stock : One
Price : RM 40
Status : Available

It goes well with neutral coloured tops that are in the same colour scheme.

Because it was designed for versatility, this apparel has alot of layers and is able to shape around your legs or your body effortlessly depending on how you wanna wear it.

4. Mandarin Sunrise
A batik inspired print dress presented in an Oriental color scheme. Low cut that emphasizes your upper body curves.
Size : Fits Small to Medium
Color : Orange
Stock : One
Price : RM 40
Status : Available

A close up of the floral design.

Comes with a sash to secure around your back.
Special Note : This is also some sort of a billowy bubble dress

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Please state your name, hp number & the items you want.