Sep 1, 2008

Why a GREAT camera makes us look bad

  • Women are more demanding when it comes to gadgets compared to men. We are often multitasking : cooking while taking care of our kids, watching the television while reading at the same time, using our phone as a communicating tool and an organizer too. We place alot of expectations when it comes to gagdets, hoping that they will help us get our tasks done faster.
  • The more tasks a gadget can do, the better it is for us. I mean, our bags are like a maze, if we need a phone, a camera, an organizer, a mp3 player....and lipstick and all the little things. How are we going to find our stuffs in time for us to use???

  • The best gadget for us girls is, a phone+mp3 player+organizer+camera+ lipstick+tampon+cooking guide ALL IN ONE. right??
  • We do not have enough space for a single tasked gadget in our bags anymore!!

  • They have to look good as well, we are fashion minded creatures are we not??
  • AND. it pleases us when we know our techie stuff more than our men do.

  • One of our favourite gadgets are cameras.
  • Why? because we love to take photos. of ourselves. whether we admit it or not.
    Come on, when you look at photographs, your eyes zoom right into your face!

  • The problems is, however : some cameras make us look good, while some make us look hideous even when we have perfect make up on!
  • Cameras are often defined by its megapixels. The more the better..right? NO. not for us girls.

    Yeap.. you heard that correctly!
  • The higher the megapixel is, the sharper the image gets. The more DETAIL it captures in.
  • Detail : pimples, pores, wrinkles, moles, skin flaws.
  • Unless, you are good at playing with the lighting that best complements your face, you are basically doomed if you have a high megapixel camera. That is why you sometimes look better in your handphone taken photos compared to an expensive camera.
  • Handphone cameras have a lower megapixel, they take in less detail and often blurs up the parts that have similar colour tones. Therefore, they are less likely to make our flaws stand out as much as an expensive camera.
This is a photo taken with an expensive SLR

This is a photo taken with my handphone. Sony Ericsson W610i
If you compare the 2 above, you can see that my eye bags and shadows are more prominent in the SLR photo. The handphone photo is less sharp.. but it is also more beautiful don't you think?

If you happened to have an expensive camera which you looked absolutely horrible in, remember to only use that camera when you are under direct sunlight. The light exposure from the sunlight lightened up and smoothed out our skin flaws.

It is impossible to get a good photo taken at night with flash.
  • Flash kills our good looks.
  • Flash lights are strong, harsh, flat lights projected on to your face that makes your face looks flat, oily and makes your pores more visible.
  • Never use flash unless you have a diffuser over it. (You can easily create a diffuser by taping paper over your flash bulb. The more you tape, the softer the flash light will be. Experiment on which colour paper you should tape and how many you should tape as well)
This is a photo taken with flash(still the SLR camera). See how the flourescent bulb of the flash casts an unhealthy blue glow to your skin? The skin is more oily, my lip stick is shinier(not a nice shine though). The lighting is flat and you can even see the skin near my hair roots!

This is a photo taken with the SLR, flash but diffused with a piece of paper. I did not experiment with the number of papers cuz I am just showing an example here. See how soft the flash light is now compared to the 1st one?

Therefore, price is not everything. Unlike make up, the more money you pay for the camera, the more likely that your photos will not turn out as well.
Remember, handphone cameras work well in daylight and close ups. They are hopeless at night. Consumer cameras work well in daylight and close ups depending on their megapixel. At night, remember to diffuse their flash bulbs! High end cameras, eg: SLRs can capture EVERY LITTLE detail of your skin, so if you are not familiar with how to light your face for these kinda cameras, stay away from them!

If you are looking to purchase a camera that complements your looks, you can try this model.
Sharp enough to get the details, megapixel low enough not to enhance any flaws on your face.. I love this camera...Compared to a USD 1500+- Nikon SLR that i also have, this is my face friendly camera..Nikon Coolpix L11 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom only USD199/ RM 600+-