Sep 1, 2008

Daily Hot Babe : Vinn Pang

Who is she?
Freelance Model, She is also our Guru.
Likes : Make up, Cleanliness, Painting, everything by Disney
  • She knows how to pose.. demure.. sexy.. playful.. sweet.. cool.. throw anything at her and she can teach you how to be a woman!
  • She is extremely talented in make up (tomorrow's make up tutorial will be given from her, remember to check it out!)
  • She used to have really long hair and she can do all sorts of breathtaking hairstyle!
  • The best thing is, she is all ours! She have not debuted in YouTube, making BlushBerry her first knowledge sharing portal!
  • She is HOT!
  • Check out her first debut here, teaching us how to pose like a model!