Sep 5, 2008

Daily Hot Babe : Heath Ledger

  • As someone who have watched him grew as an actor ( it pains me to use past tense..) from 10 things I hate about you to Casanova to Brokeback Mountain to The Dark Knight. I was affected by his death almost on personal level.
  • His acting is amazing, nearing phenomenal. He died at the wrong time, causing his death to overshadow all his co-stars' work in The Dark Knight. No one wanna know about them, they all wanna know about Heath, Heath and Heath. It should be his work taking the stage, not his death.
  • It is no doubt that if he is still alive, he will be one of the most promising actors. When he was in 10 Things I hate about you, the talent is there but they all wanted him to be a pretty boy. He countered that by not taking any jobs for A YEAR.
  • He is ambitious, a genius and someone we all admire, respect, revere and people in the industry feels inspired just watching his works.

  • On a personal basis, I have always gotten panic attacks in the night : excited of new prospects and the ideas I can cook up for my future. The thoughts, the plans and how to execute them just runs through my head all night and I could never sleep.
    When I found out that during The Dark Knight, he was experiencing the same thing I was astounded to find someone so similar yet so different.

    This is a few excerpts from 10 things I hate about you.. One of his pioneer film roles as a lead actor..

    Can't take my eyes off you by Heath Ledger

    The poem, movie climax in 10 things I hate about you.

  • This is a tribute to Heath.. may he rest in peace. We will never forget you in the years to come.

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