Sep 5, 2008

Laura Mercier Mineral Loose Powder

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  • As you all know I am a big fan of Laura Mercier.. (not since her book which I am giving it away as the launching freebie but it was way before that)
  • This is her best selling product :
    • Its a mineral loose powder which I have, that is their top signature product. Unlike other loose powder, they can give a THIN, SMOOTH and FLAWLESS TRANSLUCENT cover to our faces.
    • Compared to this loose powder, other brands are either not providing enough coverage due to the fact that loose powder is translucent or they are very noticeable when you use them on your outings.
    • This powder is VERY NATURAL... and prevents shine on the face. It is barely noticeable and doesn't feel heavy at all on your skin.
    • It is the IT product for all the celebrities out there as they need to cover alot of their skin flaws due to their hectic lifestyle. Alot of my friends are using it and they recommended me this product, which I must say is AMAZING.
    • Just do a search in YOUTUBE and see exactly HOW MANY people are using her products. It is astounding!

    • WAIT, there's more!! Its water proof, oil free and has a sunscreen agent too!
    • Good ya?
    • It comes in 8 different shades!
    • Apply them after your foundation. You can put it in your bag for reapplication during your day out though that is not needed...(I seldom reapply cuz its oil free)
    • I would recommend some other products but I wanna start with their star product first.
Why am I telling you all this? Because I have tried this product and know how well it works!
I have gotten a deal for you girls as a gift. The original price is RM 139 which is already worth it due to the quality of the product.
If we can get 14 buyers minimum the original price which is RM 139 dropped to Rm 125 will drop to RM 75!!

You can choose your free lip color here if you plan on purchasing this product.. (depends on availability and first come first serve basis)
This is a limited offer for this week only. So orders close next week.
Be fast girls.

roman moon
subtle lips
bare lips
nude lips
healthy lips

Lip Color Range

Once again, Limited Laura Mercier Mineral Loose Powder for RM 125, original price 139 up for grabs + comes with a free lip color!
  • sheer, translucent powder that provides amazing coverage
  • very natural result, can barely be noticed that you are wearing anything on
  • light weight powder
  • leaves you with a natural baby smooth skin
  • its important to have good foundation and good powder in ur make up kit. WHY? you are preparing a canvas for your make up, if you are painting and your paper is crumpled how can you get a good painting in the end? You have to prep your face for make up using good quality foundation and powder.
  • Bad ones gives you pimples and skin flaws.

    Hurry, limited orders!!
Comment here for orders. Leave your email, 3 choices of lip color (put the one you want most first!) and your loose powder colour choice!

  1. : real sand
  2. :tender rose
  3. nnyleus(at)gmail(dot)com :classic beige
  4. : real sand

i will email each one of u personally..

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