May 4, 2009

The Latest Fad

I just thought of something.. What if I create a look.. then yall started to use ur makeup the same way.. wouldn't i be something like a trendsetter?

OMG. I am so gamed for this!
Let's set a trend!
Ok. Today is Tuesday.. For one whole week I m gonna make up like this everyday.. different colour same style. Then I am gonna go out and see if there is anyone out there with the same makeup! It is so cool!

Obviously it will only work if all of yall do it for one week.. who knows? maybe you'll bump into another blushie.. or even me!

Well.. let me introduce you to my style..
haha.. yea yea..

Brows the same way.. angled brush.. shade 43 and 66 from the 88 pigment pallete.

Shade 1 for brow bone.. dab from below the brows and blend downwards!

Use shade 13 and 2.. yellow colour.. on the inner corner of your eyelid.. I enhanced the colour in photoshop abit.. cuz the camera flash took away all the colour..

Orange for the outer side.. shade 46 and 35: mix it, shake it and dab !

Overlay with any gold/bronze eyeshadow.. lots and lots of layers..

Using ur angled brush.. or q-tip or cotton bud... take shade 47, 36 and 25 all in one swipe and line your lower lash line.. chameleon green!!

After that take shade 82 and line your upper lash line!

Mascara please.. and then you are done!

You can substitute the 2 lashline colours with any other colours of course!

BlushBerry Boutique is updated!!! NEW CLOTHES !!

psssst.. i tried to do the lollipop look but failed. T_T