Jan 13, 2009

Street Punk Look

Yo.. what happens when you take the metal and the screaming away from the punk look? You get the simpler, street punk look!
Think string bracelets and fedora hats.. with canvas shoes and street dance!

Start by taking a pencil eyeliner and filling your lids right up to the crease!
Remember to line your lower lashliner and blend. (Refer to the blusher photo below)
After that, take a small brush and smudge the eyeliner up like in the photo.
Remember, thick (not necessarily bushy) brows are in the trend nowadays, so go easy with your tweezers or eyebrow blade!

Use a bigger brush and smudge the eyeliner even more. Once it is nicely blended, use a little bit of black shimmery eyeshadow and layer on top of the eyeliner.

Stick on the false eyelashes. We use Light lashes from our lashes collection.

For the lips, lightly overlay with concealer or smudge with nude lipliner/lipstick.
When you do this, the actual colour of your lipstick will appear on your lips as our lips is tinged with red tones. It works especially for light coloured lipsticks.

Now, apply your favourite shade of frosty pink lipstick!
Remember to just apply a little dab and blend with your fingers or lip brush.

For the cheeks, apply a light coral pink blusher. If you have the pigment pallete, you can take a swipe of shade 8 to 52!

Leaving some strays, gather the top half of your hair back and comb.

Make a twist!

Clip 2 hair pins in an X shape.
Repeat for both sides of the hair!

Tuck back your fringe and backcomb the top part of your hair for volume!
Tada! You are done!