Jan 9, 2009

DIY Japanese Voluminous Hair!

We all love big hair!!
Especially when they are so voluminous they make us look like dolls.. hehe
Before the DIY:
1. Dye your hair a Tea colour.. or Gold colour.
2. Iris enlarging Contact Lenses
3. Fake lashes
4. Your hair should be long, preferably over your breasts.

Step 1: Get ready your hair curler. If you have a ceramic curler, make sure you curl your hair for a longer period of time.
Your curler barrel should be around 3 cm in diameter.

Step 2 : Determine where the curls are gonna start from.
This is entirely up to you, you may even curl the full length of your hair but for a more sexy and romantic look, start halfway down your hair.

Step 3 : Curl your hair in the direction shown in the photo.
Curl the rest of your hair this direction.
Remember, hold your curler horizontally.

Step 4 : Be careful when you are doing the back part of your hair. Don't get your fingers burnt!
For the hair near your nape, you can curl half the length of those hair.
For the hair near your crown, curl 2/3 of those hair.

Step 5 : Remember to curl ALL of your hair in the same direction and by holding your barrel horizontal.

Nearly done!!!!!
This is how you should look like after curling all of your hair.

The side view.

Step 6 : The secret weapon. Hair extensions.

If you have thin or sparse hair, use more hair extensions but for normal hair, use 5 hair extensions. You can get them here!

Step 7 : Curl your hair extensions. They are real hair so they can be curled!
Oh, remember to dye them so that they are the same colour as your hair!
You can also curl them after you clip them on to your head but it is not advisable though.

Step 8 : Clip one of the extensions halfway down your head, remember to part the hair first before doing this.

Step 9 : Clip another one right ON TOP of the existing one

Step 10 : Clip another one of the extensions 1/3 from the top of the head.

Step 11 : Clip the remaining 2, one on your left and another one on your right.

Use your hands to comb your hair instead of a comb because the comb might cause the extensions' clips to come loose.

DIY Japanese Big Hair!!!