Nov 25, 2008

Minimal Filigree Dress featured in Tongue in Chic

Guess what we found in Tongue In Chic November 2008 Shopping Guide?

One of our very own apparel..
In the picture, the price is RM 89.. but we are selling the apparel off for RM 40 only..

We also have 2 other colours other than black!
Minimal Filigree
A sweet tube dress that flows around your body in a lightweight material!
Size : Fits Small to Medium
Color : Pink, White, Black
Stock : One per colour
Price : RM 40
Status : Available

A gorgeous print design that is big and bold!
Elastic tube top that stays put above your chest with no danger of falling down!

The white one is more refreshing as it reflects light up to your body and makes you look fairer. Each different colour comes with different floral design.

The black Minimal Filigree gives a very slimming look to your body compared to the other two above.

Special Note : The dress is a breezy sort that billows when the is wind just like bubble dress!