Nov 25, 2008

Make Up Store : Group Workshop a Success!!!

Yesterday, Make Up Store had a group workshop catered especially for BlushBerry's readers!
I had a great time meeting everybody.. but I must apologize for wearing sunglasses.. my contact lens hurt so much, my eyes were red and makeup were like smudged.. I rushed to get a pair of sunglasses to hide my monstrosity.

I invited Ringo from to come to our workshop too!

The workshop is coordinated by Emila Alvarez, Make Up Store's makeup artist from Sweden.
She is so beautiful and her hands can work magic!!
Ringo is placed as our bait..oops.. I mean model for that day.. haha
This is her pre-makeup look.. with butterfly clips in her hair!

Emila demonstrated 2 types of makeup on Cheesie's face, half of her face has day makeup and the other half night makeup.
The day one is purplish.. to suit her dressing that day.. and the night one is golden bronze like.. with blood red lips!

All our readers are listening intently to what Emila has to say...
They were all given the M magazine..and they were also all provided a set of makeup to use for the workshop.

This is Ringo checking out her dual makeup in a compact mirror..

The process is like these :
8 participants, 1 of them a model..
The Make Up Artist demonstrated 2 types of looks on the model.. while introducing the products and also educating the participants on how to apply make up.
Once the model is made up, each participant apply their own makeup.. assisted and supported by all the makeup artists in the venue.

Dual Ringo. Half brown, half purple. Half red, half sweet.
After the demonstration is done, the makeup artist removed the day makeup from Ringo and completed the other half of the night makeup!

Ringo in Night Makeup!

I hope yall had fun during the workshop girls.. It was great meeting you girls..
This is me and Crystal.

Vanz from M, Crystal, Me and Dorothy.

A bunch of Mulans and me..
I feel like an alien surrounded by babes. T_T

To all of you that came yesterday, you can have 10% discount in ur next buy from BlushBerry!
Cheers and Peace Out.

I just realized something.. I have been blogging for so long and I have never actually formally introduced myself.

It's a mystery.