Nov 3, 2008

Japanese Short Bob Hairstyle

Soft perm is the craze nowadays.. with heavy fringe and wispy strays of hair to suggest a light volume.
This kinda hairstyle seems easy enough with a touch of the right kind of wax.

Notice the Side Profile.. the fringe is parted from the center of the top.
This hotspot is the trick of getting ANY japanese hairstyle.
If you try to part your hair like this, you may find that some hair from that area is much much longer than your fringe due to the way your hairstylist cuts them.
So, just chop them off according to the length of your fringe or the next time you visit your saloon, ask your hairstylist to part your hair from the hotspot.

When your fringe is parted from there, it is very easy to tease volume into your fringe by backcombing or using wax.

Other than that, a big curler can help achieve this style by lightly curling the ends of your hair.
Remember to dye your hair a flat shade of brown though!