Nov 3, 2008

Basic MakeUp Series V : Blush Blush!

Last week, we talked about shading your brows.. we are going to move on to the next step today by talking about how to apply blusher on your cheeks based on your cheek bone shape.

First of all, you should find out if your cheekbones are high or not.

High and plump cheeks

Flat cheeks

The best choice is naturally the 2nd one but not all of us is blessed with beauty.. so makeup is here to help us redeem ourselves.

For high and plump cheeks..your blusher can be applied like this :
You can apply to the apple of your cheek.. just smile and apply right on to your cheeks... simple as a pimple.

You will look roughly like this..

For people with flat cheeks.. you have to apply DIAGONALLY, slanting from your sideburns towards the tip of ur nose..
but don't go all the way. just halfway will do.

Something like this..

Here it is!
We are using Make Up Store's blusher :
Blush : Glam Rose

Next up: How to have kissable lips