Nov 10, 2008

Caps Fetish!!

We all love caps!!!
(because when we are in a hurry and have no time to style our hair, caps is the way to go!!!)
Beanies and Caps and Visors are so cool!!
Especially during this winter season..

Here are some caps on celebrities :
Loose beanies that hang loose from the head goes well with medium to long hair..
If you have a short fringe, it will look cool if you leave some of them out.. but you need to push your beanie further back.

The little badge hanging from the beanie is a cool accessory. A collection of badges will be nice :D
But try to stay away from beanies' seam that is thin like above.. They tend to make your fringe look really bad..

A half beanie!!!
So artsy fartsy...
Well.. as you can see.. beanie is all about position.. like this one.. it is worn further to the back of the head. While the ones above are more suited to be worn close to the eyebrows.

Stiff long beanies that stays slightly upright.. worn with your hair tucked back.

Caps caps caps!! Wonder what these kinda caps are called.. with the extended um.. board being shorter than usual..Let's call this the Sherlock Holmes hat!! :D

This is a great hat for girls and guys alike.. For girls.. long hair please!!
Wear it real loose.. just let it sit on your head and pray for Africus not to send any wind your way :)

Another Sherlock Holmes cap! A more R n B look..achievable by tying a patterned bandana underneath the cap. I have seen this on a local dancer.. n he looks hawt!!

Hmm.. Hat with short extended thingie.. let's call this the um...cupcake hat!
But this hat suits all hairstyles.. and haircuts.. very consumer friendly!!

Another consumer friendly hat.. Puffy tops are so lovely.. they look good on you no matter what hairstyle you have. They are the best!!