Oct 20, 2008

Creative Ways of using Black Eyeliner

The black sparkles can be replaced by dotting your eyeliner over your makeup.

How to DIY

1. Clear Mascara (not black but clear liquid)
2. Pink sparkle dust
3. Purple sparkle dust
4. Black sparkle dust
5. Eyeliner
6. Dramatic lashes

1. Mix 3 batches of clear mascara with the sparkles(One pink batch, one purple and one black). Each batch in a different container. Make sure that your mixture looks like glitter glue.
2. Apply the purple mascara over your eyes with a brush. All around your eyes.
3. Use the pink mascara mixture and apply around the borders of your purple area.
4. Use your black eyeliner and line your eyes thickly, paint your liner on your eyebags..just like in the picture.
5. Use the black mixture now and apply around the border of your liner
6. Use the black eyeliner and dot near the border of your liner as well.
7. Apply fake eyelashes!